Wedding Banquet Decorations II Bukit Jalil, KL venue

29 Nov 2008, Kathy & Chenseng's Wedding reception II @ Pearl Oriental Restaurant (Tai Thong), Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur *^.^* Let my pictures tell u the story~~ *very nice pictures taken by Xuen Photography, thankyou, Xuen *^.^*

Venue Table Setup with our welcome doorgifts *^.^*
One example of our wedding doorgift: a lion wooden memo clip with magnet *^.^* and the restaurant doorgift + crocodile wooden memo clip with magnet - double happiness ler to all my guest *hohoho

Kathy&ChenSeng's Wedding Potrait @ the registration reception area
welcoming all the guest yoy! *^.^*+ *^.^*

Very CUTE version of Kathy and ChenSeng's balloon couple doll~!!
Those 'couple' have more request of photo shooting compare to the real-life-walking wedding couple ler~!!... *sense kathy jealousy? =p... Coz they are SUPER ADORABLE~~ happens @ Seremban Wedding reception and now Bukit Jalil, KL also *hump hump There are 3 Wedding photo album for guest to view too~! Our Pre-Wedding Photo Albums (a big 10x15 and 6x10 photo album) plus our ROM photo album *^.^*

Close-up of our balloon couple doll~!!
Blue & White is our colour theme *^.^* Check out the Groom with mini top-hat and blue bow-tie *cute! the Bride with blue tiara with flowers plus a REAL veil *wow* and holding a flower bouquet somemore~!! So like me *=p (ok...not a bouquet, just One sweet pink flower... BUT so sweet hor *^.^*)

Our mini pre-wedding photo album with 21 poses;
Our ROM photoalbum taken @ ThienHouGong + Shangri La Putrajaya;
6 different design of our jimui photos for friends&family to keep as memories *^.^*

Guest admiring our pre-wedding albums and ROM's photo album;
our students from our YelloCat Children Art Studio 'admiring' our photo album
(*thanks for the facial comments, Yik Hau he-he-he)

Here comes the main topic of this post: The Wedding Venue Decorations *^.^*

The VERY beautiful Blue and White Balloon Arch
done by Wilfred and Ann - my balloon decorators *^.^*

Amazing how they did this balloon arch for the entrance of our wedding venue~!! The varies sizes of blue nad white mini balloons form the stand of the arch and how did they make the balloons flot and form the arch!? ...It's a very beautiful 'piece-of-art' Our friends n families love it so much, that's the point! *^.^*

Our restaurant also provided us a flower arch and flower standy along our walk-in pathway *^.^* So pretty with the lights effect from the bottom *^.^*
Me n Chenseng getting ready for the *Zhang zhang zhang entrance~ *excited lar! Can tell by looking at how I hold Chenseng's hand - so tight ler...hihihi... nervous, yes, but our big smile hide it all~~ Confident, confident, confident!!

Check out the balloon arch above us as we are waiting for the MEGA entrance *^.^*
OH~ and check out my wedding gown *^.^* white with blue emboideries details and with a long, long train *that later collect colourful confittees... ho-ho-ho *EXCITED!

Hang on there, my friends *^.^* More are Coming up....
The INSIDE stories and pictures of our wedding venue: our stage decorations, wedding cake and wedding gift-away~!!


  1. hi,nice sharing..
    I saw this photo frame stand which u put ur wedding potrait at da registration area for your banquet,I'm looking for it also,mind 2tell where u bought?

  2. Hi,
    nice sharing.
    I saw this photo frame stand where you put on your wedding potrait at the registration area for your banquet and I actually looking for it now.
    Mind to share where you bought it and how much?

  3. Hi Wong n CheeChee,

    The photo frame stand which my wedding portrait at the registration area is actually provided by my banquet...I hav to special request for it. But i think u can get it from IKEA *^.^* coz I bought one similar photo stand erly last year for RM49 (guess is a promotional price)~!

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  5. Hi, may I know you have the wedding at the restaurant itself or using the main ballroom? Can you please send me the information of the price that you spend for the for wedding dinner? I also plan to have it there. My email is Thank you.


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