Wedding Banquet Decorations II Bukit Jalil, KL venue

29 Nov 2008, Kathy & Chenseng's Wedding reception II @ Pearl Oriental Restaurant (Tai Thong), Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur *^.^* Let my pictures tell u the story~~ *very nice pictures taken by Xuen Photography, thankyou, Xuen *^.^*

Venue Table Setup with our welcome doorgifts *^.^*
One example of our wedding doorgift: a lion wooden memo clip with magnet *^.^* and the restaurant doorgift + crocodile wooden memo clip with magnet - double happiness ler to all my guest *hohoho

Kathy&ChenSeng's Wedding Potrait @ the registration reception area
welcoming all the guest yoy! *^.^*+ *^.^*

Very CUTE version of Kathy and ChenSeng's balloon couple doll~!!
Those 'couple' have more request of photo shooting compare to the real-life-walking wedding couple ler~!!... *sense kathy jealousy? =p... Coz they are SUPER ADORABLE~~ happens @ Seremban Wedding reception and now Bukit Jalil, KL also *hump hump There are 3 Wedding photo album for guest to view too~! Our Pre-Wedding Photo Albums (a big 10x15 and 6x10 photo album) plus our ROM photo album *^.^*

Close-up of our balloon couple doll~!!
Blue & White is our colour theme *^.^* Check out the Groom with mini top-hat and blue bow-tie *cute! the Bride with blue tiara with flowers plus a REAL veil *wow* and holding a flower bouquet somemore~!! So like me *=p (ok...not a bouquet, just One sweet pink flower... BUT so sweet hor *^.^*)

Our mini pre-wedding photo album with 21 poses;
Our ROM photoalbum taken @ ThienHouGong + Shangri La Putrajaya;
6 different design of our jimui photos for friends&family to keep as memories *^.^*

Guest admiring our pre-wedding albums and ROM's photo album;
our students from our YelloCat Children Art Studio 'admiring' our photo album
(*thanks for the facial comments, Yik Hau he-he-he)

Here comes the main topic of this post: The Wedding Venue Decorations *^.^*

The VERY beautiful Blue and White Balloon Arch
done by Wilfred and Ann - my balloon decorators *^.^*

Amazing how they did this balloon arch for the entrance of our wedding venue~!! The varies sizes of blue nad white mini balloons form the stand of the arch and how did they make the balloons flot and form the arch!? ...It's a very beautiful 'piece-of-art' Our friends n families love it so much, that's the point! *^.^*

Our restaurant also provided us a flower arch and flower standy along our walk-in pathway *^.^* So pretty with the lights effect from the bottom *^.^*
Me n Chenseng getting ready for the *Zhang zhang zhang entrance~ *excited lar! Can tell by looking at how I hold Chenseng's hand - so tight ler...hihihi... nervous, yes, but our big smile hide it all~~ Confident, confident, confident!!

Check out the balloon arch above us as we are waiting for the MEGA entrance *^.^*
OH~ and check out my wedding gown *^.^* white with blue emboideries details and with a long, long train *that later collect colourful confittees... ho-ho-ho *EXCITED!

Hang on there, my friends *^.^* More are Coming up....
The INSIDE stories and pictures of our wedding venue: our stage decorations, wedding cake and wedding gift-away~!!


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