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Wedding Hangers Personalized by I AM A BRIDE WEDDING

Wedding Hanger with names! Since I AM A BRIDE® started to custom make or personalized wedding hangers (with words or names) not long ago i...

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StyleMeBride2018 Tips on 5 Important Brides Must-HaveS

Sneak peak of what you can expect from #StyleMeBride2018 👰❤️ A Personalized Bridal Heat-to-Toe wedding event curated specially for all brides and brides-to-be!
Style Me Bride 2018 II on Wedding Gown
StyleMeBride2018 Tips #1👗The proper fit for your body frame will guarantee your wedding gown makes you feel comfortable and confident. It will be perfect to be able to choose your wedding gown style to be made exactly how you wanted with personal touch. - Kathy from I AM A BRIDE WEDDING #custommake #weddingdress #createyourdreamgown Share with you the #thingsweknowbest

Style Me Bride 2018 II on Bridal Bouquet

StyleMeBride2018 Tips #2💐 Bridal bouquet is one of the most important styling details every bride pay a lot of attention to. Like many brides, you will need to focus on the kind of flower types, colors and choose the ones whose symbolic meaning for your #bridalbouquet. We cater your preferred bouquet design styles or share ideas to you that very much correspond to your characteristic and personal likings. - Florra Lim from Yian Florist #flowerartisan #candomagicwithflowers Share with you the #thingsweknowbest

Style Me Bride II 2018 on Pearls

StyleMeBride2018 Tips #3💎 Weddings are a perfect place to showcase a brilliant pearl necklace. It symbolizes purity and romantic. As a bride, we care and consider about your overall personal style. So a perfect #pearlnecklace such as the pearl size, color and lengths all come into place to perfectly match your bridal looks. - Ivy from #juwelendesign #jewellerydesigner #lovepearlsasmuchasdiamonds Share with you the #thingsweknowbest 
Eventbrite - Style Me Bride 2018

Style Me Bride 2018 II on Bridal Nails

StyleMeBride2018 Tips #4💅 Your ring is the highlight of your wedding day, it’s like the bride’s second face. So, your nails shouldn’t be ignored too! We'll share with you the latest trend for your bridal nail style most #brides are getting now! - Jeslyn Chua from JS Nail Beauty #nailartisan #notyourordinarymanicurist #dressupyournaislikewow Share with you th#thingsweknowbest 

Style Me Bride 2018 II on Bridal Makeup

StyleMeBride2018 Tips #5💄A beautiful and comfortable bridal makeup will make you feel so happy and confident, because when you look into the mirror, you'll naturally give yourself a big SMILE💋 Why not go extra mile and create a bespoken wedding look to always remind you of your special day? Be it a lasting memory in your wedding album! - Meoki Tong from Meoki Tong Academy #bridalmakeup #hairstylist #candomagic with #makeuobrushesnhairpins Share with you the #thingsweknowbest 

Let us create a personalised bridal look that make everyone remember how gorgeous you are! We can transform your current look to a look you ever dream off on your wedding day! It's so true you have to 
come visit and meet us personally this Sunday 21st Oct'18, 10am-6pm at Publika, KL to ask questions and find out more! Register Now! #dontmissout #StyleMeBride #weddinginstyles See you here!

Style Me Bride 2018

Style Me Bride is 2nd year now!
STYLE ME BRIDE 2018 Congratulation, you are the bride! But you have no idea where to start? OR Not sure which wedding gown style suits you? And all you wish for is to look perfectly beautiful in your wedding gown with all the matching bridal must-haves. Now... where to find the right people to understand all your style requirements? 

Well you don't have to stress no more!
 This 21st October 2018 is your chance to come on and enjoy a great Sunday while you will meet our 5 great wedding professionals, as we offer the REAL DEAL on what you can expect in our Head-To-Toe Bridal Event with your choice of personal style!
Eventbrite - Style Me Bride 2018

This is our second year of STYLE ME BRIDE event for all you pretty stylish brides-to-be 2018/2019! This year we have DOUBLE the excitement. All are ready and proudly present to you by I AM A BRIDE WEDDING and our four trusted and beloved vendors:
Gown Maker - I Am A Bride WeddingLove laces... but not sure what wedding gown design or which bridal style suits you?
Kathy Foo, founder of I Am A Bride® Wedding will help you realize your dream custom wedding gown.
Custom JewelleryLove jewelries... but will they match my look?
Ivy Teong, founder of Juwelen Design will create the most suitable pearls for your bridal look.
Bridal Hair StyleLove natural makeup and hairstyle... but not sure which lip color or which hairstyle go with my bridal look?
Meoki Tong, founder of Meoki Tong Academy Studio will make sure you are the most naturally beautiful bride present on your Big Day.
Custom Bridal NailLove nail art... wish to have pretty fingers to show off your ring but not sure if they match your look?
Jeslyn Chua, founder of JS Nail Beauty is able to craft the most beautiful trendy bridal nail art for your wedding day.
Bridal BouquetLove flowers... but have no idea which bridal bouquet flower goes with your gown?
Florra Lim, founder of Yian Florist will get ready for you a beautiful bridal bouquet that you'll love to highlight your overall bridal look!
Yes, we have ALL the answers! We know how important it is, a bride must-haves: (a perfect) wedding gown, (matching) jewelry, nails, flower bouquet and (a natural) makeup & hair style. We gather here 5 of us wedding professionals who can personalize your look from head-to-toe for your bridal style. 
What's even better? Our answers are all in a great awesome STYLE ME BRIDE Price Offer! So ladies... Get ready and don't miss out this great opportunity to meet us and Register Now!

Eventbrite - Style Me Bride 2018

FREE Admission. 10am - 6pm. Please REGISTER for attendance. Limited slots available!
For updates and enquiry, please follow our Facebook Page and Instagram for updates! Thank you and we'll see you here!


How to know you have found THE perfect Wedding Dress

The wedding dress feels as good as it looks
It complement your figure and hugs your body in the right places, flatters your figure beautifully. You feel so comfortable in the dress that you start swirling around and look at the dress from all angles looking. In that one moment, all other wedding dresses pale in comparison.

The wedding dress reflect your unique personality
Doesn't matter it is a modern, traditional, conservative, sexy, elegant, funky or maybe there's not a correct word to describe your style… You just feel so beautiful and so confident in this wedding dress, that you can even picture yourself walking down the aisle in front of the crowd. You might start using superlatives too!

The wedding dress that you don't want to take it off
When you are reluctant to take that dress off, it’s a strong sign that you don't want to try-on anymore other dresses because you know you’ve found the perfect one for you. You'll start accessorizing it in your mind or in front of the mirror. And when you are off the dress, you can not stop thinking about it!

So... Are you still looking for THE perfect wedding dress? Yet to find or experience the signs above for your perfect wedding dress? Let us #iamabridewedding help you to find your dream wedding gown! We #createyourdreamgown :) Send in your enquiry and make an appointment with us, so you can take your time to try on as many dresses as you like. Your search for THE perfect wedding dress ends here!

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