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2017 I Am A Bride Gown Sales!

♥  I AM A BRIDE® GOWN SALES 2017! Storewide upto Half Price SALE  ♥ It's the most wonderful time of the year ~~~  You'll b...

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How to know you have found THE perfect Wedding Dress

The wedding dress feels as good as it looks
It complement your figure and hugs your body in the right places, flatters your figure beautifully. You feel so comfortable in the dress that you start swirling around and look at the dress from all angles looking. In that one moment, all other wedding dresses pale in comparison.

The wedding dress reflect your unique personality
Doesn't matter it is a modern, traditional, conservative, sexy, elegant, funky or maybe there's not a correct word to describe your style… You just feel so beautiful and so confident in this wedding dress, that you can even picture yourself walking down the aisle in front of the crowd. You might start using superlatives too!

The wedding dress that you don't want to take it off
When you are reluctant to take that dress off, it’s a strong sign that you don't want to try-on anymore other dresses because you know you’ve found the perfect one for you. You'll start accessorizing it in your mind or in front of the mirror. And when you are off the dress, you can not stop thinking about it!

So... Are you still looking for THE perfect wedding dress? Yet to find or experience the signs above for your perfect wedding dress? Let us #iamabridewedding help you to find your dream wedding gown! We #createyourdreamgown :) Send in your enquiry and make an appointment with us, so you can take your time to try on as many dresses as you like. Your search for THE perfect wedding dress ends here!

2018 I Am A Bride Gown Sale!

So happy to announce that this is the third year for I Am A Bride Wedding Gown Sales! #iamabridegownsale2018 Yes! It's here NOW this July 2018! Gorgeous gowns and dresses awaits you!

Up to 50% HALF PRICE SALES storewide on all our Wedding Gowns, Evening Gowns, Bridal Cheongsams, Bride's Mom Dresses / Cheongsams, Dinner Wear, Bridesmaid Dresses and Bridal Accessories like: bridal veils, hair accessories, gloves, bridal satin bathrobes… and many more variety of personalize wedding items.

now, When and Where?
14th & 15th July'18 (Sat - Sun)
21st - 22rd July'18 (Sat- Sun)
Time: 2pm-4pm; 4pm-6pm each day*
*please pre-book your prefer date/time-slot of attendance HERE and claim a **mystery gift upon your successful purchased on the same day!
**It's a very unique and personalized wedding item to go with your beautiful gown! 

B3-1-3A, Publika Shopping Galleria, Solaris Dutamas, No.1 Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 KL.
(Block B3, Level U1, unit 3A. Above Gymboree shop. Map here.)

Don't worry and click below to register

Eventbrite - GOWN SALES 2018

Special services on discount too!
 Found your dream dress from us but does not fit perfectly? No worry! One time alteration will be INCLUDED with your purchase(s).
  Found your dream dress from us but wish to modify slightly or add-ons? No worry! We can suggest and try our best to satisfy or provide the better solutions in realizing your perfect gown! Modification or add-ons services comes with discounted rate for successful purchase(s) of gown and dresses! 
  No luck in finding your dream dress?

Here's the greater deals:
If ready-made gowns are not into your liking, #createyourdreamgown or #designyourowngown and look no further (a-hum #iamabridewedding) can 'make-your-dream-come-true'! Share with me your ideas and we'll make-it-happen together!
In conjunction with our gown sales, for you who confirm your custom making within these period (before end of July'18), you'll enjoy 10% off on your 1st custom make gown mock AND another 10% off on your second custom making or mom's / bridesmaid's / sister's custom making! Due to last year's overwhelming requests that "We want to look good and stylish together!" said our bride's mommy :) So, this is the root idea of giving away additional discounts to encourage bride's mommies up to the trend!

So don't miss out ALL these great deals and come and have fun doing your wedding shopping with us! See you here!

Eventbrite - GOWN SALES 2018

#iamabridegownsale2018    #iamabridewedding

5 Things to know before you go Wedding Dress Shopping

1. Shop for your body
You may love all the pretty details on a wedding dress and be very particular on wether to go with sleeveless or off-shoulder or a sexy low bare back…etc. But when trying on dresses, try concentrate on finding the better silhouettes that will accentuate your body or which you feel comfortable with. Slightly step back from the mirror to see the overall shape and frame of your body. Choose a dress that will make you feel good and you can confidently stand or move around on your big day!

#thingsweknowbest for your #weddingdressshopping
Hope to see you at #iamabridegownsale2018 Don't miss out and register now!

Eventbrite - GOWN SALES 2018

2. Do your research
No idea what style you like? Gown hunting can be stressful if you are a indecisive bride. Before you step into a wedding shop, ask 'Mr Google' - he will give you hundreds and thousands of options with a simple 'Mermaid Wedding Gown'. It's worth the time to go through pictures or photos from the net rather than driving through the jam to reach the many bridal boutiques out there.

When selecting your reference pictures for your dress, don't worry too much on wether it suits you or not, or if you like picture A's top but picture B's bottom… Save them all! Let the professional tell you or explain to you with suggestions. Together we can work out the perfect dress for you!

#thingsweknowbest for your #weddinggownshopping
#iamabridegownsale2018 we #createyourdreamgown #personalized your #weddingwithstyle

3. Limit your entourage
Sure, it's great you can show-off the dresses you try-on and have fun together with all your girlfriends, aunties, cousins…etc. But more people means more conflicting opinions. Rely on just one or two (the max!) honest and constructive person that you trust to accompany you.

In fact, it's wise to actually go solo shopping first, then bring in your thrusted person to help you make better decision.

#thingsweknowbest #getproffesionaladvise  #allarewelcome #cometogether to #iamabridegownsale2018

4. Be ready to buy
When there's SALES, keep calm and be 100% sure before you splurge. Buy dress that can be alter realistically to your size. Ask the seller wether they do alterations in-house. Don't take the risk If they out source the work to third party.

Bridal designers are responsible for their own creations. They can even give you professional ideas or inspirations to better improve or modify the dress to suit your liking!

#thingsweknowbest YES! We include a one time alteration for every successful purchase during #iamabridegownsale2018  alteration is very important to achieve perfection!

5. Don't get discouraged
Coming out empty-handed on your first trip can be a letdown, especially when the people you met is not giving you the right guidance and support. Gown browsing can be tiring and even more confusing. Don't give up!

Threat each visits a new experience to learn. Until you meet the right person/professional who can share with you more 'educative' informations or opinions to help you narrow down your thoughts or solve your problem. Try, and try again!

#thingsweknowbest Good chance to drop by #iamabridegownsale2018 to find out! If still not sure how to start? Come talk to me

Check out our gown sales this month of July 2018 with new excitement coming up! Don't miss out and register now!

Eventbrite - GOWN SALES 2018

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