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I had 2 wedding dinner for my wedding, one was at MinKok Restaurant, Seremban (am from Seremban *^.^*) and second one was at Peral Oriental Restaurant, Bukit Jalil, KL (is Halal~!! under Tai Thong group). We booked our venue one YEAR ago~! Kia-shu but we HAD to do this because our AD was a HOT date *^.^* Read more on how me n my hubby did research, found and decided for our wedding venue at: Kathy&Chenseng's wedding banquets-How to

As you read, you'll find a blue-pen sketched balloon decoration's draft. Before that, we didn't know what to do or what do decor our wedding
banquet. Here's the story: It all started from our pre-wedding shoots *^.^*. These---->
Yup~! The 2 silver and a pink heart-shape helium balloons *^.^* ˚\˚/˚
Our 'Inspirational' Balloons *^.^*
More Behind the scenes of our pre-wedding shoot at:
Kathy and Chenseng's Pre-Wedding Gallery

Me and chenseng bought this 3 helium heart shape balloons from Balloon Bouquet @ Section13, PJ for our Outdoor Pre-wedding photography *^.^* But on our first day of PS, we were unable to shoot outdoor =( coz the sky was cloudy. So the three balloons will need to be refill after one more month for our second PS. We 'flaten' the balloons and just a few days b4 our second PS, we ALMOST forgetten bout these 3 lovely balloons~!! So NOW! where to find the nearest balloon shop (near our house) that can refill HELIUM for our lovely balloons~?? Tak-kan travel all the way to PJ again to refill... And so as we entered the shop, me and chenseng were amazed by their balloons decoration portfolio~!! So....ta-da! That's how we decided to use balloons as our Wedding banquet Decoration *^.^*
Here are some very nice pictures on my Seremban Banquet's Decorations...(*drum-roll hihihi)
Chang~chang~!! My wedding stage decor with a balloon couple-doll *look sooooo like me n chenseng *^o^* and the HUGE double LOVE with lights~!! So pretty~~

The closeup shoot of the couple-doll: Groom with 'proper' black n white suit PLUS a cute hat *^.^* and blue bow-tie (our colour theme~ hihihi) Bride with REAL veil and blue n white gown (like me~~!! *^.^*) Look closer~~ the groom's hand is actual
ly passing his bride the flower bouquet~~ SUPER CUTE nehh~~~*^.^*

Now Wilfred and Ann even special made 2 balloons' column for the entry of our walk-in:

The 2 very pretty Balloons' Column were in Blue n White and were full with varies of heart-shape helium balloons *^.^*
They even add 'flower' designs balloons here n there at the reception table, on the main door and inside the whole hall, so the whole venue look-like in a Blue and White Theme *^.^*
lAfter we walk-in and were seated infront of the stage
(*eh-hum, of course!*^.^*)
The double LOVE shape balloons is right behind us~! Very nice combination and was such a nice angle of us and the LOVEs *^.^*

The double LOVE shape balloons was Ann's idea and the lights was Wilfred's idea *^.^* Thankyou soooo much for such a creative and presentable set-up~!! Even the lights blink-blink was with the rhytm of our wedding background music~~!! Such a coinsidence and prefect combination~!! After a few dishes, I changed to my special mom-made Qipao for YamSheng (Guest appresiation section). Now, look at the pictures and tell me: Do me n Chenseng look-a-like with the couple-doll wilfred and ann made? Hahahaha...Look-a-like yoy!

Spot the differences~!
Hahahaha.... Real couple vs Balloon couple *^.^*

One more~~ while chenseng poping the champaign for YamSheng.

We seriously really, really, REALLY LOVE the double love shape balloons behind us~!!*^.^*

The 2 column balloons were then brought in and place at both side of the stage.
Cake-cutting ceremony, weee~~ The column balloons matches my Qipao so well *^.^* Lovely~!!
Small pink love (me) surounded by big red love (chenseng) *hihihih

Champaign flow flow flow~~~ Like our finance in future! Come in pocket flow flow flow till full full full~~ *^.^* hehehe
To be Continue...Decor in Pearl Oriental Restaurant, Bukit Jalil, KL


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