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I had 2 wedding dinner for my wedding, one was at MinKok Restaurant, Seremban (am from Seremban *^.^*) and second one was at Peral Oriental Restaurant, Bukit Jalil, KL (is Halal~!! under Tai Thong group). We booked our venue one YEAR ago~! Kia-shu but we HAD to do this because our AD was a HOT date *^.^* Read more on how me n my hubby did research, found and decided for our wedding venue at: Kathy&Chenseng's wedding banquets-How to

As you read, you'll find a blue-pen sketched balloon decoration's draft. Before that, we didn't know what to do or what do decor our wedding
banquet. Here's the story: It all started from our pre-wedding shoots *^.^*. These---->
Yup~! The 2 silver and a pink heart-shape helium balloons *^.^* ˚\˚/˚
Our 'Inspirational' Balloons *^.^*
More Behind the scenes of our pre-wedding shoot at:
Kathy and Chenseng's Pre-Wedding Gallery

Me and chenseng bought this 3 helium heart shape balloons from Balloon Bouquet @ Section13, PJ for our Outdoor Pre-wedding photography *^.^* But on our first day of PS, we were unable to shoot outdoor =( coz the sky was cloudy. So the three balloons will need to be refill after one more month for our second PS. We 'flaten' the balloons and just a few days b4 our second PS, we ALMOST forgetten bout these 3 lovely balloons~!! So NOW! where to find the nearest balloon shop (near our house) that can refill HELIUM for our lovely balloons~?? Tak-kan travel all the way to PJ again to refill... And so as we entered the shop, me and chenseng were amazed by their balloons decoration portfolio~!! So....ta-da! That's how we decided to use balloons as our Wedding banquet Decoration *^.^*
Here are some very nice pictures on my Seremban Banquet's Decorations...(*drum-roll hihihi)
Chang~chang~!! My wedding stage decor with a balloon couple-doll *look sooooo like me n chenseng *^o^* and the HUGE double LOVE with lights~!! So pretty~~

The closeup shoot of the couple-doll: Groom with 'proper' black n white suit PLUS a cute hat *^.^* and blue bow-tie (our colour theme~ hihihi) Bride with REAL veil and blue n white gown (like me~~!! *^.^*) Look closer~~ the groom's hand is actual
ly passing his bride the flower bouquet~~ SUPER CUTE nehh~~~*^.^*

Now Wilfred and Ann even special made 2 balloons' column for the entry of our walk-in:

The 2 very pretty Balloons' Column were in Blue n White and were full with varies of heart-shape helium balloons *^.^*
They even add 'flower' designs balloons here n there at the reception table, on the main door and inside the whole hall, so the whole venue look-like in a Blue and White Theme *^.^*
lAfter we walk-in and were seated infront of the stage
(*eh-hum, of course!*^.^*)
The double LOVE shape balloons is right behind us~! Very nice combination and was such a nice angle of us and the LOVEs *^.^*

The double LOVE shape balloons was Ann's idea and the lights was Wilfred's idea *^.^* Thankyou soooo much for such a creative and presentable set-up~!! Even the lights blink-blink was with the rhytm of our wedding background music~~!! Such a coinsidence and prefect combination~!! After a few dishes, I changed to my special mom-made Qipao for YamSheng (Guest appresiation section). Now, look at the pictures and tell me: Do me n Chenseng look-a-like with the couple-doll wilfred and ann made? Hahahaha...Look-a-like yoy!

Spot the differences~!
Hahahaha.... Real couple vs Balloon couple *^.^*

One more~~ while chenseng poping the champaign for YamSheng.

We seriously really, really, REALLY LOVE the double love shape balloons behind us~!!*^.^*

The 2 column balloons were then brought in and place at both side of the stage.
Cake-cutting ceremony, weee~~ The column balloons matches my Qipao so well *^.^* Lovely~!!
Small pink love (me) surounded by big red love (chenseng) *hihihih

Champaign flow flow flow~~~ Like our finance in future! Come in pocket flow flow flow till full full full~~ *^.^* hehehe
To be Continue...Decor in Pearl Oriental Restaurant, Bukit Jalil, KL


  1. Great work! Thanks for sharing it.

  2. hi.. my name is kenny.. i saw your deco is very nice..especially the 2 ballon couple doll.. can i know where you buy it?

  3. Hi Kenny, Thanks for your compliments =)
    Do you mind pass me your email, so we can take it from there?

    Let me know. My email:

  4. Hi, my name is Wendy. I saw ur deco very nice and special leh! May I know which company decorate for u? How much is it? My e-mail:

  5. Hi Wendy, thank you for your compliments *^.^*
    It's done by a Korean balloon decorator. Unfortunately they handed over their business to their partimer friend. Business still goin on though.

    I've sent you their contact to your email. Please check and let me know *^.^*~!

  6. hi, can u send me ur contact of the decorator to me pls.. thanks.. its really nice.. kindly send to can i know how much it cost u for the deco? thanks lots..

  7. Good idea for wedding function. Can you share the company contact details to my email Nway, congratulation....

  8. hello there, may i know whether you still have their contact number with you or email address? would you pleas kindly email me--
    My name is Sheryl =)


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