Saturday, December 13, 2014

New York Magazine: See What Other Brides Would Have Done Differently

Just thought it would be nice to share this infographic from the New York magazine on what other brides say they would have done differently to make their experience better. Click on the image to enlarge it! 'The only sure source of knowledge is experience' (Einstein) and here at I Am A Bride, we believe that knowledge shared between brides is beautiful as it forms a sisterhood of empowerment. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Custom Make Soft Full Lace Wedding Cheongsam for our International Chicago Bride, Illinois US

See-thru Full Lace Cap Sleeves Illusion Neckline Champagne Cheongsam
with modified A-line; side split with beautiful lace scallop ♥
I got an email from Frances last October, inquiry on whether I can replicate and custom design a bridal cheongsam for her wedding. And she told me she's located in Chicago, Illinois US! Yeay, I'm so happy and excited~! Another international bride client. Happy because Frances 'trusted' me and gave me the honor to custom make her cheongsam; excited because the design of her cheongsam is going to be so special~

Frances showed me the sample picture of her desire cheongsam design. It's actually from a real bride named Gladys who had her cheongsam custom made by a famous design Barney Cheng, Hong Kong!
She had her wedding in Bali. Here I share with you the master piece of the designer's cheongsam. All photos by Samuel Lippke Studio's website credited.

Gladys's custom make cheongsam by Barney Cheng, Hong Kong
Photography by Samuel Lippke Studios

Photography by Samuel Lippke Studios
Glagys's wedding in Bali
It's a full laces cap sleeves cheongsam with see-thru illusion chest-line and bare-back and beautiful patch flower details all over the cheongsam. After a few emails of discussion between Frances and me, she finally decided on the sketch design I proposed below:

Custom Make Cheongsam Sketch for Frances
 A soft full lace material layered over a champagne matte satin. Cap Sleeves in see-thru illusion chest-line and bare-back (similar to Glady's cheongsam's cut); A-line skirt with a side split and Chapel length train.

This is the full lace material and champagne matte satin I proposed to Frances for her custom make cheongsam design:
I'm glad I have the similar soft full lace material and patch laces
to try to replicate and achieve the designer's cheongsam ♥
After finalized the materials and design, it took me more than 2 months time complete Frances wedding cheongsam! Here are some close-up shoots I took before sending it - my 'precious' creation, off to FedEx and courier it (all my 'heart' work) to Chicago!

Buttons-up with satin wrapped buttonsss
♥ Love the patch laces at the see-thru illusional bare-back ♥
Mandarin high collar with patch laces and embellishments
♥ More lovely patch laces on the illusional chest-line ♥
I 'flow' the patch laces at both sides of the cheongsam to give a illusion of accentuate the waist-line
♥ More patch laces on the one-sided split to draw away the straight tangent ♥
Sew a matching lace scalloping for the cheongsam's train!
I'm so glad the cheongsam reach Chicago on-time and Frances was happy when she received it.
Here's what she emailed me when she first saw her custom make cheongsam mock pictures: "Wow! It looks so great, I am very happy!" And I'm very happy as well! Thank you for your kind words ♥
Congratulations, Frances! Even thought we both had never meet before face-to-face, but personally I'm thankful and honored that you've thrust me on custom making your wedding cheongsam across half the globe! Thanks to online internet - Google, Skype and Paypal!

To see more of the custom make cheongsam design I did for brides, locally or international/destination, check out my FaceBook FanPage
or drop me an email to inquire your desire custom make cheongsam, wedding or evening gowns!

With much love,

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

PROMOTION: Custom Made Evening Gowns on SALES!

I AM A BRIDE® Wedding's Evening Gown on promotions!
Yes, I AM A BRIDE® WEDDING is having a year end promotion on all our custom made evening gowns and dresses!

We style them in selected color theme, to give more ideas and inspiration for brides, bridesmaid, bridesmom or even wedding guest who will wanted to get into a particular wedding color theme :)

30% discount on all our color evening gowns/dresses! And if you are planning your wedding ahead  - good news to all the brides-to-be 2015/2016! whom wish to get your wedding gown custom make with us, you'll get an additional 20% discount on the selected evening gown you interested. In other words, you get in total of 50% discount on your selected evening gown! Promotion starts now until 25th Dec 2014 only.

The above Pink Color Themed:
Chiffon Sleeveless V neckline with diamontes in Fuchsia Pink (left); Soft Pink Matte Satin Mermaid Gown with see-thru netting top and lace appliques (middle); Salmon Pink V neckline diamontes straps empire chiffon gown

Our Aqua Themed;
Light Turquoise Chiffon gown with diamontes strap (left); Thaisilk Aqua Blue Ruched Evening Gown (middle); Electric Blue Chiffon gown with one-off-shoulder roses and crystals details 

Striking Red Hot Themed:
 One-off-shoulder A-line Tulle Netting Lace evening gown (left); Satin Naroow A-line Evening Gown with glittery gold lace embellishments and hand-made roses details (middle); Full Beaded 'corset' style short skirt under the see-thru tulle netting evening gown! *Sexy

For more info and enquiry, please email to
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Make a date with us to drop by visit at our Publika shop Kuala Lumpur to take a good look on all these gowns/dresses :) Welcome!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Wedding Cheongsam in Pretty Pink with Contrasting Black Laces Embellishments by I AM A BRIDE® Wedding

As continue from my previous post on Stephanie's custom make wedding gown, yes, she also custom make her wedding cheongsam with me :) *I'm so honored!

She had her wedding dinner reception back here in KL. She wanted something that is very evening-ish and 'a bit' of color - at first. Instead a bright red, I proposed her with this very pretty sweet pink (almost fuschia pink) material for her cheongsam. She like it! As this shade of pink REALLY compliments her fair skin tone :) After her 1st fitting on the cheongsam, she ask for 'more' colors now :D I initially proposed her some very 'safe' patch laces in ivory white, silverish, maroon....etc. 'Maybe something more contrasting?" she suggested. Black and pink is always VERY contrasting. After checking some 'approval' from her family and her in-law family side (on the 'pantang' thingy) She was so happy (and I'm so happy for her too!) for that there's no problem for her cheongsam to have a sense of classy black laces embellishments!

So here's Stephanie's custom make cheongsam for her wedding dinner reception.
A full netting bare-back button up with a minimal touch of black laces embellishments
on her shoulder and waist
The beautiful couple marched in for their wedding dinner reception back in KL.
Love their confident smiles!
Stephanie's cheongsam - a see-thru netting capsleeves
mermaid cheongsam with a sexy side front split
Couple on stage!
Ching trying to 'pop' the champagne bottle while Stephanie looked on with big smile!
Ching's 'priceless' expression!
Looking so gracefully pretty, Stephanie in her custom make wedding choengsam

Thank you, Stephanie for your great support on thrusting me for custom making both your wedding gown and wedding evening cheongsam! I'm very honored :)
Congratulations ones again, to you and Ching!

Here are more beautiful wedding photos from the very generous person - Ching!
Thank you very much for sharing these wonderful photos. These pictures some how give me a bigger motivation to do even better master pieces in future! Thank you
 Oh, not to forget, Stephanie also got her wedding bridal shoes custom make with me!
*All photos by Jon Low Photography

I AM A BRIDE® Wedding

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Empire Wedding Gown with Side Split Layers in Ruched Netting by I AM A BRIDE® Wedding

Two years ago, Stephanie found I AM A BRIDE® Wedding through online. She was a well prepared lady who knows what she wanted for her wedding gown.
Empire waist line ivory white wedding gown with ruched netting over the chest-line;
patch laces and embellishment down until waist line
I still remembered the first email from Stephanie, she sent me a sample picture (below) and with a theme inspiration board and color chart she compile (scroll down later to view :)

Stephanie's custom make gown sample picture.
When we meet-up, she was very VERY clear and sure on what she wanted. I shared some of my ideas to imppliment on her gown design and after some discussion, she agreed and we didn't went too far from her original gown design above!

We keep the empire waist-line cutting and we both agree to do away with the waist sash. I suggested to do with a layer of see-thru ruched netting over the chest-line, to create the similar ruched effect in the sample picture :) If using the ivory matte satin material itself to ruched or do the foldings, the gown might look abit 'top-heavy'. Here's some close-up of Stephanie's custom make wedding gown!

Empire waist-line with patch embroidery laces and embellishments
Instead of the many uneven foldings or gathers all along the skirt part (that might look a lil messy/untidy in real life, and might give an 'enlarge' illusions to certain areas that you don't wish to be seen wider!) So, I suggested we keep the skirt simple in a flare A-line skirt and make it interesting on the side split part - instead of a layer of flat full lace underneath, I put layers of see-thru ruched netting and later add some patch laces and embellishment to create the 'high-light' for her gown!

Layers of see-thru ruched netting for her one side open split wedding gown
For the back, instead of a real tie/lace-up back, Stephanie prefers a zipper gown (more secure and tidy) but like the 'look and feel' of a tie-up. So I did this for her:

A zipper back with a fake tie-up or lace-up ribbon sash
Stephanie was a fast and independent decision maker! She even decided to custom make a cheongsam (for her dinner reception in KL) and wedding shoe with me! I'll feature her wedding cheongsam and wedding shoe next!
After 2 visits with me to further discuss a bit more on the materials and details, I started working on her wedding gown and complete for her Australia wedding ceremony! 
Still can't get enough of her this very simple yet unique custom make wedding gown design
♥ Especially LOVE the see-thru netting layers with patch laces!
Here are some of Stephanie's Australia Wedding photos.
The Bride and Groom
Beautiful Bride, Beautiful Lad,y Beautiful Skyline, Beautiful Weather
Yes, here's her wedding theme inspirational board she emailed me the very first time!
 Beautiful blue, turquoise, mint and white combination

And the bride stick to her original wedding theme very well!

Bridesmaids' dresses, Bridal Bouquet, Bridesmaids' Bouquet
 ♥ All so LOVELY

Cute Couple with their wedding reception corner

This was a screenshot photo I snap from Stephanie's Wedding Video and edited to her color theme!
♥ L.O.V.E
Photography by Kimz
Stephanie got married to Ching last year September, and her current status is a mom-to-be!
Congratulations Stephanie and Ching!
Lots of ♥ to you both!

If you are thinking to custom make your very own idea/design of your wedding gown, evening gown or cheongsam, share with me by email or check out I AM A BRIDE® WEDDING Facebook!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Chinese Traditional Qun Kwa Rental Promo 2014

Promo Rental Price valid until 31st Oct 2014 only!
For brides who are looking high and low for the Chinese Traditional Qun Kwa 裙褂 for wedding tea ceremony (斟茶仪式) or actual wedding fetch-the-bride (出门仪式) session in the morning, here's your chance to browse through I AM A BRIDE® Wedding's new collection of Qun Kwa 裙褂 designs for purchase/rental! 

Qun Kwa 裙褂 is a traditional Chinese custom clothes worn during marriage, equivalent to the Western wedding gown. The Qun (裙) is the long skirt, while the Kwa/Gua (褂) refers to the Chinese-style top coat. The customary Chinese bridal Qun Kwa (褂) symbolizes the abundance of children (儿女成群).  It is mainly in red top coat sew traditionally handmade with dragon and phoenix pattern (mainly in response to the different Qun Kwa), embroidered with different pattern with gold and silver thread. 

The meaning behind the dragon and phoenix patterns is "blessing". Also a pattern to symbolized the word "囍" (pronounce as "Xi" in Mandarin or "Hei" in Cantonese).  There are many more auspicious patterns like lotus, lotus leaf, butterfly, peony flowers, mandarin ducks, mice and other, to match and complete the whole Qun Kwa.
At present, the most representative of a rich family's Qun Kwa called "Huang Densely Gown", a full Qun Kwa (skirt gown) with gold and silver thread embroidery in these two colors, hardly see the slightest bit of red cloth! A "Huang Densely Gown" takes at least eight months to complete! *wow!

So now you know a bit or more about Qun Kwa
裙褂 and can start consider if you want to wear a traditional Chinese Qun Kwa 裙褂 for your wedding day! 

Make an appointment with us to drop by visit at our bridal galleria I AM A BRIDE® Wedding Galleria at Publika, Kuala Lumpur, to check out the many new collections of our Qun Kwa 裙褂 designs. Now with promo rental price!
Check out more wedding and bridal items in our FaceBook FanPage!
Qun Kwa 裙褂 ready for your actual wedding day!
We have the red veil too!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Modern Cheongsam Custom Make with One Off Shoulder See-thru Netting for Destination UK Bride

A Modern One-off-shoulder See-thru Netting Custom Make Cheongsam
specially intensively custom tailor make for I AM A BRIDE®'s UK bride this early August 2014!

See-thru netting at one side of the cap-sleeve shoulder; Mandarin High collar with glittery gold patch laces and embellishment in a beautiful Red Shandong Silk

See-thru full netting bare back with buttons up and patch laces

This is the original custom make cheongsam sketch idea I propose to Aparna :)
As Aparna's is based at UK (yes! we have not meet before, we deal everything through online!), I have to go step-by-step to guide her along her custom make wedding cheongsam.
Very simple and rough sketch for Aparna's custom make wedding cheongsam's 1st mock
1. Goldish Embroidery Roses 2.More different designs of floral embroideries 3.Glittery Gold Floral Patch Laces 4.Red patch laces 5.Metallic Gold border floral patch laces
All proposed for her pick!
After we agree on the cheongsam design, I start working on her custom make cheongsam's 1st mock.
 These are the many many kinds of patch laces designs, embroideries and finishing details I proposed for Aparna's custom make cheongsam. She pick the Glittery Gold Floral Patch Laces

After much hard work, here's the very special modern cheongsam final finishing!

A close-up look on the glittery gold floral lace patch work design on Aparna's modern one-off shoulder see-thru netting; cap sleeves; bare back buttons up; high collar; full length; sides splits; beautiful red Shandong Silk custom make cheongsam!
Glittery gold floral patch laces finished with silverish crystals and embellishment
Aparna's will be a bride this early Aug '14 and will be getting marry wedding at London, UK!
All the best to my destination bride to be - Aparna!
Thank you for thrusting me for your custom make wedding cheongsam :)

For brides out there who is still looking for a special and custom make bridal or wedding gowns or cheongsam, share with me your ideas and we might make it happen for your big day!
To view more, check out our FaceBook and email us your enquiry.


Friday, July 11, 2014

Sexy See-Thru Red Laces Evening Gown 2014

Came back from my recent sourcing trip, and found LOTS of sexy red full laces and patch laces
Now I AM A BRIDE® are able to custom make ALL these wonderful inspiring gown designs to make your DREAM Gown come true!

Celebrities loves it!
 Sent in your enquiry before all my lovely red laces booked off~

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