Friday, July 11, 2014

Sexy See-Thru Red Laces Evening Gown 2014

Came back from my recent sourcing trip, and found LOTS of sexy red full laces and patch laces
Now I AM A BRIDE® are able to custom make ALL these wonderful inspiring gown designs to make your DREAM Gown come true!

Celebrities loves it!
 Sent in your enquiry before all my lovely red laces booked off~

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Friday, June 20, 2014

I AM A BRIDE® Away Destination Wedding 2014!

 Dear all,

I AM A BRIDE® Wedding will be away oversea from 20/6 (Fri) - 1/7 (Tues), 2014.
If you have any wedding inquiry or wish to visit I AM A BRIDE® Wedding Shop @ Publika, Kuala Lumpur, please email or FB msg to arrange a date/time again after 1/7/14.
I shall revert to you upon my return! 
♥ Thank you ♥

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

High Collar Modern Red Halter V Neckline Cheongsam Qipao custom make by I AM A BRIDE® Wedding

Custom Make High Collar Modern Halter V Neckline Red Cehongsam
with floral patch laces and embellishments
Sexy bare back for Irene's Custom Make High Collar Modern Cheongsam

Close-up detailing on Irene's Custom Make High Collar Modern Cheongsam
finishing with red beading, sequins and crystals studs!
The bride owner of this very beautiful modern custom make cheongsam - a Chinese-Indian lady named Irene Chiang :) She came to me with her future husband (then) Haha Yong (Yup! His nick name is Haha, just like one of the member from the Korean Running Man :D) They are such a lovely couple! Irene's mom is a lovely Indian lady and her dad a Chinese, thus she can speak fluent Indian, Mandarin, Cantonese and also (if I don't remember it wrongly) Hakka!
How they get to know me... Hum.. I don't remember it clearly but what I know was Irene didn't tried A LOT of my gowns. She was the first few brides that can 'accept' my proposed idea on a TRANSFORMABLE wedding gown design! A one-gown-two-looks style! She asked:"Can you custom or tailor make these designs for me?" Yes :) And so, she also csutom make her wedding gown with us. Off topic! Will update on her 'transformable' wedding gown soon!

Irene and Yong will be having 3 ceremonies - a Church wedding ceremony, Chinese 'fetch-the-bride' and tea ceremony and a Indian wedding ceremony. She decided to custom make a unique cheongsam for her Chinese wedding ceremony and plan to wear it on the most important moment during the Chinese wedding ceremony - the 出门 'Chut Mon'  - groom come to fetch the awaiting bride from her room! After showing her some of the previous cheongsam designs we've done before, she finalist with a modern high collar v neckline; traditional full length cut; bare back red matte satin cheongsam design.

Above are the final complete custom make picturse of Irene's cheongsam :) and below are some of the close-up finishing details we did on her cheongsam!

Irene's High Collar Modern Cheongsam with embellishments
❤ Love the floral patch laces she selected
for her custom make cheongsam
Here, Irene and Yong share with me their wonderful wedding photos with the custom make cheongsam we custom make for her!

Irene stand-out from her bridesmaids with her red cheongsam!

LOVE this picture so much
Congratulations Irene and Yong! May you both live Happy Ever After!
And thank you for trusting I AM A BRIDE® Wedding for custom making both your wedding gown and modern cheongsam!

For more cheongsam designs that we custom make for our brides, check out our Facebook FanPage
or email us for enquiry!


Thursday, February 27, 2014

Customize Wedding Shoe for Bride in Ivory White

"It's so hard to find a nice pair of ivory white or off-white or champagne color decent bridal shoes for wedding?!" This is usually our brides will be frustrated about... Either you'll find the VERY white patent or glossy type or the 'nurse' white type in market. Here now at I AM A BRIDE® Wedding at Publika Kuala Lumpur, we have many variety of just the right 'white' bridal shoe you desire!
 Yes, we have ready made bridal shoe for sale now at our shop :) And yes, we do customize shoe designs as well! In collaboration with the expert in shoe making - Lydia, founder of Moments Shoe. She does very good and fine workmanship. Check it out yourself on our creation of the many unique design for bridal shoe, evening shoe and other special occasion footwear

Ivory white peep-toe 5 inches heels Diamantes
 with satin ribbon sash at the back of the heels
More Blings for the back of the heels!

Lovely unique pair
Ivory White Peep-toe 4 inches heels
with Pearls details
Ivory White Peep-toe 4 inches heels
with Pearls details
Ivory White Peep-toe 4 inches heels
with Pearls details
Ivory White 4 inches heels
with Diamontes on netting ribbon bow
Lovely with a matching bridal bouquet in champagne roses
 Drop by at I AM A BRIDE® Wedding shop at Publika, Kuala Lumpur to view more bridal shoes designs :) Or email us to order or for inquiry.


Mermaid Wedding Gown with Full Patched Laces A Unique Chest-line custom tailor made by I AM A BRIDE® Wedding

Michelle's Custom Make Mermaid Wedding Gown with full patch laces
and pretty lace scallops for the edge of her gown!
Michelle first got in touch with me through email. She arranged to drop by my Publika Kuala lumpur bridal shop galleria and tried on some of my wedding gown collections that I've custom made. She immediately fall-in-love with this particular dress - a low-waist tulle netting gown with full patch laces and embellishment top:
Michelle purchased this 'love-at-first-sight' wedding gown
that I AM A BRIDE® WEDDING custom made
Michelle decided to purchase this very beautifully romantic low-waist tulle netting wedding gown for her pre-wedding photoshoot and her Penang wedding reception. *Pictures scroll down!

Michelle will have her main wedding reception at Cyberview Lodge Resort & Spa, Cyberjaya - an outdoor garden style wedding! She wish to wear some other design of wedding gown that is more suitable for her ideal wedding. She's the kind of bride who knows quite well what she prefers for her wedding gown - a 'dramatic' flare mermaid gown! :) After we've further discuss and my explanation on the type of mermaid gown design or style that suits her or not and also put her wonderful wedding venue in considerations. So, she did some 'homework' research and sent me some gown sample pictures from the net and compile them nicely into a few .pdf files with clear indications! *She explains is her way of practice on 'documenting' ideas/work, as she is a college lecturer!

Here's the sample picture of the very unique chest-line Michelle requested for her custom make mermaid wedding gown:
Unique soft 'sweet-heart' chest-line with ruched chiffon and patch laces
- sample picture from Michelle for her custom make mermaid wedding gown
I suggested instead of using chiffon, tulle netting for the ruched will be nicer as it's softer to ruch to give a 'dreamy' style and netting it's more see-thru :) So here's the final out-come of Michelle's unique personalized designed custom make mermaid wedding gown with full patch laces and matching lace scallops for her gown train ♥ 

Ruched tulle netting with soft 'sweet-heart' chest-line for her mermaid wedding gown
Add-on buttons-up for the back of her mermaid wedding gown
The very beautiful patch laces embroideries and embellishment details on her wedding gown
More patch laces on the train of Michelle's custom make mermaid wedding gown!
And matching lace scallops for the edge
Can't get over with all these beautiful details on Michelle's custom make mermaid wedding gown
I'm happy that Michelle's happy with her custom make mermaid wedding gown!
Here's her actual wedding pictures with her in her gowns ;)
Thank you for trusting me on custom making your wedding gowns.
I'm totally honored that both of my gown creations are being in the most important part of your wedding celebrations! Congratulations, Michelle!

Her Penang wedding reception photos and Pre Wedding Pictures. Photography by SK Jong Photography.
Michelle getting ready in her 'love-at-first-sight' low-waist tulle netting wedding gown
she purchased from I AM A BRIDE® Wedding, Publika Kuala Lumpur
Hand-made floral accessories with diamontes (a wedding gift for Michelle)
as a add-on waist sash to her wedding gown. It also can be pin-on as a hair accessories - for her cheongsam!

 Happy Ever After to you, Michelle and Chong

To view more of I AM A BRIDE® WEDDING Real Brides stories and pictures, please check out our Facebook Fan Page here or email us if you have any wedding inquiries :)

Love by,

Friday, February 7, 2014

PROMOTION: In this month of LOVE!

Off-white Chiffon Short Wedding Gown: I AM A BRIDE®
Bridal Boquet in Fuschis Pink Imported Roses & Baby's Breath: I AM A BRIDE®
Cachet London Heart Earrings:
Shoe: Vivenne Westwood

Yes, this February 2014, I AM A BRIDE® WEDDING celebrate with LOVE to all our brides-to-be! Before end of this February '14, if you purchase a wedding gown / evening gown OR custom making a wedding gown or a cheongsam with I AM A BRIDE®, you'll get a 20% discount off your bridal bouquet with us!

Send in your inquiry now or make an appointment with us to drop by visit at our bridal galleria at Publika, Kuala Lumpur. Share with us the wedding gown design that you desire, consult with us if you have too many ideas on what you wish to wear for your BIG day :) Don't know what design or style you can carry-off for your actual wedding gown or wedding dinner reception? Come take a look on our gown collections, and maybe you'll find some inspirations!

To check out more of the wedding services we provide, jsut to name a few: bridal bouquet, wedding car decor, bridal wedding shoe and Bridal Makeup...etc, logon to our

If you are thinking to just order or send a LOVE-ly bouquet this Valentine's Day (or any day this month!) to your love ones - be it your girlfriend, fiancé, mom, mom-in-law, sister, best friend / best-y or even a couple who are getting marry!) We can create a unique bouquet within your budget.
Check out more of our uniquely designed bouquets HERE.

XOXO with love,
I AM A BRIDE® Wedding

Friday, December 13, 2013

Wedding Hangers Personalized by I AM A BRIDE WEDDING

Wedding Hanger with names! Since I AM A BRIDE® started to custom make or personalized wedding hangers (with words or names), they are selling like hot cakes - except these are HOT Wedding Items! We've gain so many orders from local and oversea since mid of this year. Each and every custom orders are all very unique! Orders from wedding newly wed couples, husband to wife as surprise wedding gift or wedding anniversary gift; friends of bride/groom as wedding gift; for bridesmaids; special initial as birthday gift to the someone special.... currently custom making wedding hanger with date initials! Seems like it's going to be another popular order item, not just for wedding but as gift or present to custom the date of a special occasion on the hanger :)

Here are some of I AM A BRIDE® WEDDING's wedding hanger creations:

The Custom Initials
Photo from our beloved bride - Kelly on her Registration Of Marriage day.
Officially 'Mrs Ching' with her custom initial wedding hanger and her wedding gown

'Mrs Yap' Wedding hanger; white bride hanger; pink wire; soft pink satin ribbon
'Mr Yap' Wedding hanger; black groom hanger; pink wire; soft pink satin ribbon
'Stefenie'; bride wedding hanger; white hanger; blue wire; cyan blue satin ribbon with diamonte
'Jason'; groom wedding hanger; black hanger; blue wire; cyan blue satin ribbon with diamonte
custom initials wedding hanger for the newly wed couple -
Stefenie and Jason!

BRIDE and GROOM collection

Bride hanger; white hanger; purple wire; purple satin ribbon with pearls and crystals beads
Groom hanger; black hanger; purple wire; purple satin ribbon bow
Close-up of the custom Bride hanger with pearls and crystals beads ❤
Bride hanger; white hanger; blue wire; cyan blue satin ribbon
Groom hanger; black hanger; silver wire; cyan blue satin ribbon
Bride hanger; white hanger; purple wire; purple satin ribbon with pearls
Groom hanger; black hanger; purple wire; purple satin ribbon bow
Close-up of how we creatively custom the Bride hanger with pearls

To be continue to showcase more of our personalized custom make hanger designs next!

How to order, please visit HERE or check on more of our latest designs at our Facebook!

Write to us
Your personalized custom make wedding hangers order:
1) ______ 'Bride' 'Groom' 'Mrs Chan' '12.03.14' hanger (or other custom initial);
2) ______ hanger (white/black/light-wood/walnut);
3) ______ wire (color: silver/purple/blue/pink/gold/green) only;
4) ______ satin ribbon (color: ivory white/black/purple/blue/pink/orange/red)
    Please specify if other choice of satin ribbon's color. Additional cost might apply.

Wait no more! Custom order a pair now for yourself or as a special gift (wedding gift/ birthday gift/ new born gift/ anniversary gift/ wedding proposal... etc)!


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