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Style Me, I Am The Bride! 1st April 2017 Wedding Event

Yes, you are the bride! But don't know where to start or what to look for when choosing the right bridal services/people? Will they understand your style requirements and help you personalized it for your Big Day? Do you feel overwhelmed when attending the larger scale Bridal Exhibition or Wedding Expo Shows?

Well don't stress anymore! Come on out and enjoy a great Saturday 1st April'17 while you will meet our 5 great wedding professionals as we offer the REAL DEAL on what you can expect a Head-To-Toe Bridal Event with your choice of personal style!

Eventbrite - Style Me, I Am The Bride! 2017

Love laces... but not sure what wedding gown design or which bridal style suits you?
Kathy Foo, founder of I Am A Bride® Wedding
will help you realize your dream custom wedding gown.

Love jewelries... but will they match my look?
Ivy Teong, founder of Juwelen Design
will create the most suitable pearls for your bridal look.

Love trendy hairstyle... but not sure it will be suitable with veil?
Jo Chung, founder of S'Pro Hair Dressing
will tell you how to take care and style your hair for your Big Day.

Love shoes... wish to have a stylish yet comfortable bridal shoe?
Lydia Loo, founder of Moments Shoes
will craft the most stylish yet comfortable bridal shoe for your big day.

Love flowers... but how no idea which bridal bouquet goes with your gown?
Shanice Chew, founder of Fleur le c
will create the most beautiful bridal bouquet that you'll love
to highlight your overall bridal look!

Yes, we have the answers! We know how to solve and personalized your bridal style questions. And what's even better? Our answers are all in a great awesome bridal package offer! So Brides, don't miss this great opportunity to meet us and Register Now!

FREE Admission. Please REGISTER #stylemeiamthebride2017 for attendance. First 30 early birds door gifts!

For any further enquiry, please check out our Facebook Page or Website. Thank you and see you here!

I Am A Bride® Wedding
With Your Personal Style

Wedding Gown, checked! How to choose my Bridal Bouquet now? Complete Bride's Look

♥ Pretty bride - Mary in our custom made lace wedding gown, veil and with her unique rustic pastel bridal bouquet 
Now, now…Yes! You've got your wedding gown decided! (No!? Not yet? Then you better check us out #iamabridewedding to make an appointment to drop by at our @Publika Bridal Galleria Kuala Lumpur. Or sent us your enquiry on what kind of wedding gown design you desire. Wait-No-More! Because there are still many things in your wedding list, waiting for you to mark a tick on the 'check-box' beside! :) ... Right, let us continue planning on our other 'bride-dai-ry' stuff (since you've got your wedding gown decided!) We'll start from head to toe… matching wedding veil, getting a pair of comfortable yet pretty bridal shoe, book an experienced make-up and hairdo artist, arrange appointment for body and facial therapy, pedicure, medicare…. etc WAIT! Something important is missing in the 'middle' of the whole picture - your bridal bouquet!  

This 'bunch of flowers' for a bride are actually playing a very important role for your whole wedding. Some even say your Bridal bouquet is a once in a lifetime accessory! Well, it's quite true that we lady as a bride or bride-to-be get to only carry a beautiful bouquet on our wedding or registration day :) *I miss my ROM and wedding bouquets so much!! Should have 'preserve' them! (I'll share with you ideas on how-to-preserve at the end of this post :)
For most of my bride or bride-to-be clients who have decided or complete custom making her wedding gown or dress with me, next thing I always get asked or questioned are: "What flowers should I get for my bridal bouquet?" "What shape of my bridal bouquet goes best with my gown?" "How big or what size should my bouquet be?" "Is this the correct way to hold my bridal bouquet?"

I might no be a florist or a flower experts (I'm a gown make!), but I LOVE flowers, I LOVE details and lucky enough my aunt is an experienced florist! Since I've in this wedding industry, I've learn many tips and bits from her! And today, my aunt and I will share with you some of our thoughts and I'll try to give ideas on how to choose your bridal bouquet and hopefully will answer the above common question about bridal bouquet :)

Bridal Bouquet x Gown
♥ Beautiful bride - Marilynn in our custom made laces mermaid wedding gown and her sweet bridal bouquet 
#sweetheart #chestline #patchlaces #mermaidsilhoutte #lacetrimed #bridal #veil #softpink #cream #bridalbouquet
1) Decide on your wedding gown Then your bouquet
It's always better if you can decide on your wedding gown first before you ask your florist for a consultation. Suggestion on what type of flowers you wish to include in your bridal bouquet, the size of your bouquet and the style of flower arrangement are very much depends on your wedding gown's look and feel. An ideal bridal bouquet design will better compliment the silhouette of you in your gown and balance your whole look.

2) Bouquet's shape and size 
♥ Destination bride - Adri in our custom made illusional neckline mild mermaid wedding gown and her stunning bridal bouquet 
#sleeveless #sheer #illusional #neckline #seethru #chestline #laces #mildmermaid #natural #bridalbouquet #hungary
Let say you have settle for a mermaid silhouette wedding gown with Chapel length train, you can consider a Nosegay or Posy style. Basically, if your gown style is the slimmer sheaths type, mermaid, narrow A-line, chiffon flawy, carry a bouquet that is not too big. Keep the size of your bouquet within your waist or hip area as a bench mark area. 

♥ Our bride - Beebee in our custom made ball gown and her gorgeous yet unique bridal bouquet 
#tubetop #laces #ballgown #flarewithruches #bigger #roundbridalbouquet #multiangel

If your wedding gown is a Ball Gown or a flare A-line with long train, a Cascade or bigger Hand-tied style of bridal bouquet can go quite well with your look. Bigger Round shape bouquet can also match with bigger gown. The basic idea is the bigger surface you have for your gown, you can go for bigger bridal bouquet. Yay! Meaning you can select and include more choices of flowers options for combination! But don't go over-board, usually we'll pick maximum three different types of flowers in a bouquet combination.

♥ Pretty bride - Youmi in our custom made chiffon Grecian style wedding gown and her special bridal bouquet #chiffon #weddinggown #grecianstle #seethru #sheer #lacestop #sleeveless #santotini 
Now, If your gown style is a minimalism type, a Round shape bridal bouquet can give a highlight to your over all bridal look. If your gown have lots of embellishments or details like sashes, ribbon bow or ruches/gathers/foldings on your gown, keep your bridal bouquet simple. Simple as in, simple flowers, simple colors and simple design.

3) Colour of your bouquet and wedding gown
♥ Beautiful bride - Jane in our custom made sheer sleeveless lace wedding gown and her stracking colorful bridal bouquet 
#sheer #seethru #sleeveless #laces #Vneckline #weddinggown #pearls #colorful #bridalbouquet #Bali

As we know wedding gown is usually ivory white. So your bridal bouquet is like a compliment art on a very pretty style white 'canvas'. You can choose to highlight or contrast it against your pretty white 'canvas' or just add a soft touch on it with cream or pastel colors. Or even goes with a  vintage, rustic or earthy concept on your pretty styled white 'canvas' - your gown :)
♥ Destination bride - Jun in our custom made bridal cheongsam and her beautiful bridal bouquet and matching groom's boutonniere #bridal #cheongsam #highcollar #ivorywhite #laces #embellishments #red #bridalbouquet #groom #boutonniere #matching #colortheme  
*P/S: Make sure the types of flowers you select, as most of flowers are in different seasons. Check with your florist on the availability of the flowers you desire on your wedding day.

Bridal Bouquet x You
1) Personalized It
♥ Brooch on your bridal bouquet handle ♥ 
♥ Brooch and pearls on your bridal bouquet handle 
♥ Bridal Bouquet tag ♥ It can be the first alphabet of your Name, 'Mrs', sir name or wedding date. Personalized wire craft with beading/crystals or pearls. Check out our personalized wedding hangers too!
♥ Bouquet wire craft tag ♥ Names, custom initials or wedding dates. We are quite specialize in this, especially our wedding hangers too!
♥ Charms ♥ Mini photo charm(s) or custom initials charms to personalized your bouquet!
♥ Diamonds wrap ♥ To give glamourous bling-blings! A very popular options brides choose to accessorize their bridal bouquet! 
♥ Brooches in between on your bridal bouquet!  
or go for the spectacular! ♥ Brooches Bridal bouquet! ♥ It's quite a trend now! As I did quite a few of different brooches bridal bouquet since this first order #iamambridewedding created :)
2) How to hold your bouquet with picture perfect
♥ ones again our bride - Mary prepare to walk down the aisle with her bridal bouquet!  
If you are holding your bridal bouquet with both hands, always remember to rest both hands down right below your waist, and bouquet at your abdomen area. Most of the time, when brides hold their bouquet with two hands, they tend to carry it quite high which immediately lifts the shoulders up. This will not make a great picture, especially if you are wearing a strapless gown.

♥ Destination bride - Becky with her minimalism satin bridal gown and her beautiful colors bridal bouquet 
#cowl #neckline #mildmermaid #satin #weddinggown #beachwedding
If you are holding your bouquet with one hand, make sure you rest your hand slightly away from your gown. Try not to press or squeeze your hand against your gown too near to avoid off balance shoulders. Relax and let your bouquet just sit naturally… doesn't matter the flowers are facing up or down… they'll still look picture perfect anyhow!

Lastly, enjoy your beautiful bouquet! If you are not tossing your bridal bouquet, you can consider preserve it! Let dry your bridal bouquet Or you can choose to do pressed-flowers and turn them in to beautiful bookmarks!
♥ Beautiful pressed flower bookmarks! So much memories 
For enquiry or details on #createyourbridalbouquet by us #iamabridewedding, go to our Facebook Page or just email us! Have fun along your journey to become a BRIDE ♥!


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Eventbrite - #CreateYourDreamGown Promo Discount by I AM A BRIDE WEDDING

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