Wedding Banquet Decorations III - Stage

Here are some pictures of The Oriental Peral Restaurant, Bukit Jalil - our KL side wedding reception held on the 30 Nov 2008 *^.^*

The stage pictures taken before our wedding dinner reception @ KL.

The stage pictures were taken by my AD pg-Xuen. The double love with our names on it and doves around it, are provided by the restaurant, whereby the two huge colourful heart shape balloon were done creatively *^.^*

Ann's can't do the same double heart shape (like the one with lights on, at my Seremban stage) becoz the slide will drop down from the middle of the stage. So she keep it clear as it is and decor the stage surronuding with blue n white, big n small flower balloons *^.^*

A more close-up shoot of the stage *^.^*
See wht i mean by the projector slideshow in the middle of the stage...yup! That's y *^.^* And the very cheerful heart shape balloons with hand-made ribbon mini flower bouquet *^.^* ~lovely!

After our guest were slowly coming into our dinner reception area, the 2 column balloons were brought inside and were placed at the side of the stage.

Matching heart shape balloons and the column balloons *^.^*
The Column Balloons are form with a huge transparent balloon with alot of mini heart shape balloons inside~!! I dunno how did Ann did it !~O.o~! Is amazing and it gives a special-effect too~*^.^*~

A complete 'set' of our Wedding Potrait, Wedding Champain Mini Tower, my Wedding Cake (beside the champain bottle), Balloon Couple Doll and the very special Balloons Column *^.^*

'Hi~!' says ChenSeng Balloon couple doll *cute angle~

Yes~! Now can see my very small Wedding Cake *^.^*
Our Wedding Cake is made of jelly (agar-agar). Heart Shape with chinese double happiness wording in the middle *^.^* Thank you, Ching-Jie! Although is not 3 layer grand wedding cake, but it taste so DELICIOUS~!! *^.^* Will help you promote promote lor~~!! Yes, my friends, my aunty made this very special wedding cake *^.^* She can do 2 layer, 3 layer or higher wedding cake and cupcakes too~!! OH~~~ and her MINI CHEESE TART is the BEST IN THE WORLD *^o^* *drolling de.....

A scence where Chenseng and me and my parents were shouting " YAM SENG~~~"
*of course, with the stage decor at the side and the background

Together we pour the champain ~*^.^*~
For non-stop flowing of wealth n health *^.^*^.^*

Cake cutting ceremony *^o^*
I'm droolliinnngg now just by looking at the cake~~ juicy, yummy and cold~!!
*Bride balloon couple doll was the witness of our sweet memory of wedding cake cutting oh~! *hihihihi


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