After we had got our BIGDAY Date, that is 29th Nov 08 for the ceremony thingy and 30th Nov 08 for the KL-side wedding dinner.

To all the couple who plan to get married...make sure the next IMPORTANT thing to do is:
- decide on your wedding dinner location.
Is best you can do this AT LEAST 1 year b4 your wedding date.
(keep in mind: near to your house? relatives n friends can reach easily?)

-go recce the restaurant/hotel u have decide.
(give yourself more options! go recce more then 2 place.)

-ask for the date availability.
(ask to write down your name to book for the date, tell them you still need time to think about it...not necessary to put the down payment.)

Most important is TO BOOK the date of the selected venue.

Coz u see... as our bigday is 2008 november, last year (2007), early of October, we went to 5 places and only 2 are available on our date.
First, we went to CHUI HENG tht chenseng's grandma like the food thr alot...but too bad...the date was not available :( Then we went to KAM LUN TAI coz is still near Seri Petaling. Avaialble, but i dun like the hall coz the ceiling is low...feels abit 'sempit'. We even try Hotel Seri Petaling...but the food not so good...hum....We also went to some restaurant ner Salak South and Old Klang road. We dun wanna choose venue that is too far from Seri Petaling.

SO! Our first choice is Bukit Jalil Golf & Country Resort's Oriental Pearl Restaurant...we went there (kept our finger cross) and we are LUCKY coz the date is still available!

YEah! I faster ask the person to write down our names and contact and tell her i'll call her for confirmation within 1 week.
Meanwhile, she gave us the dinner set menu for our reference. There are different package strating frm RM550 to RM900. As USUAL, i asked alot of question regarding the beer, menu, free gifts, decor... The girl who served us is very patien too, I'm so glad =P

I really like the venue we choosed! Here is a picture I got from the net. There are a lot of parking space, roofed and spacious drop off/pick up zone, huge lobby(so later can take huge group pictures! hihihi) and bright!

So! After some discussion with the family members... we set a confirmation for Bukit Jalil Golf&Country Resort! I hope I will have a unforgetable wedding dinner there~~!

Only This year Jan we went and pay our deposit. And we havn't go through our food testing yet...coz according to the servise girl: since our wedding date is year end, we can go for our food testing around August-October. Food testing for one table of 6 person only...hum....
Chenseng paid RM2000 for the deposit...alot right!?! why? becoz we took less than 30 tables. If you are planing for more than 30 tables then you only hav to pay RM1K for deposit...( not fair!)

Here are the draft of the table count for Seremban and KL:
Anyway, I hope the service they give us on our BIGDAY is good! Good Food! Good Service! Good Attitude! Clean! Tolerate! Hope what we are paying for is worth it~~! wish wish wish...


  1. HI
    I also plan to book oriental pearl in bukit jalil. Can i have a look at your dinner decoration with the baloon? I am also looking for wedding decoration. Email: Thanks!

  2. Have a look at the Oriental Pearl, Bukit jalil after balloon deco? I am also planning my wedding at there. Email;


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