It all begin . . .

After 8 years, he finally popped out the question..."Do you think is time for us to get marry?" well...errr....hum...."O..K.." Maybe i should gave the 'err...ehh...ermm..' thing.. he looked at me like 'Aren't you suppose to be happy?' kinda look... The 1st thing came to my mind was a 100 meters LONG of LIST OF PREPARATION.... 'Aiyoh, dun worry...step-by-step...very simple only!'.....Hi-hi-hi -.-ll


The next day, he called his Small Auntie out for yamchar...I still remember just, when we both sat down, all the "?" mark was all over on top of my head!

We didn't even know WHEN is the date for our BIGDAY yet!!!

SO! The next day(3 Feb07), we straight away went to this shop called LOH TAT PIT ( No. 63D, 1st Floor, Jalan Sultan, 50000 KL near Petaling street) to choose our Lucky date for our wedding. We both had got our chinese birth date ready...after a million times of reminder by his aunt :P. When we reached there...OMG...there were so many people lining up...till the door step! Counters were full with customer. We had no choice but to make an appointment to come for another day - 3 Mar07, 11.50am. Their schedule is soooo tight, only after CNY is available. The girl even remind me a hundred times not to come later then the time given.

So! 3 Mar07, we arrived with our chinese birth dates to meet Mr. Loh Tat Pit. I'm born on the 3rd of Feb (Nong2 Li4 Chu1 San1)
a Spring-Golden Rooster.
ChenSeng is born on the 31th of May,
a Summer-Earth Sheep.
The first thing Mr Loh ask him is "Are you a bad temper person?" .....he-he-he
"Are you the one always give in?" ask me.....he-he-he
"Becoz of the timing you guys were born is in spring n summer, thr's something important is lacking, tht is - WATER." Water is an element to neutralize the heat. He told us, we DEFINATELY need ALOT WATER to 'neutralize' our relationship.
As this year 2008 is the year of EARTH is very 'dry'.
Next year 2009, OX year is not a good year for both of us to get married or have baby...
2010, the year of TIGER, can consider a good year for both of us.

So! I ask him..."Is there anything we can do to ADD MORE 'water?" Wht to do? Maybe wht colour can COOL down the 'heat'? Wht things we can buy and whr to put...something fungshui?!? . . . colour . . . u guys should go for BLACK, BLUE, SILVER, White.....crystal, diamond, white gold is best for your jewerelly or gifts!

So desu ne!! So u know how i get my COLOUR THEME - BLUE/White/Silver! (Hihihihi....)

After a few explainations (but i still hav tones of question to ask =p), Mr Loh use his computer programmer to match both of our birth date, in order to get the BEST date for our wedding day. We told him, we would like to held the wedding end of year 2008.

As a result: 14/9 (sun), 8/11(sat), 22/11(sat), 29/11(sat), 14/12(sun) and 16/12(tues).
We have so many options to choose from. So, he give us time to think bout it, made ANOTHER appointment to come again to PICK UP the confirm date.

Story cut short. We finally decide on the 29th Nov 2008!


  1. SiewMin just ask me "How much do I pay for Loh Tat Pit service?"
    Is RM120. When you confirm the date, they will give you a FEW sheets of TO-DO list!! So you can follow what are the procuders like Guo Da Li, An Chuang...stuff like that...leceh-nya -.-|||

  2. wahaha.....

    my bf is a sheep and im a neautralize the heat, i need big big diamond form him!!!!



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