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As our colour theme is Blue, so we wanted a romantic blue wedding bedsheet. I saw alot of cute cute cartoons and pretty patterns the shops always have. Chenseng is very particular about the quality and comfortableness. While I am VERY particular about the design! I wanted bedsheets with classy flower stitches (not printed!) If got Pheony flower lagi best *^.^*! Not checked, not strips, no cute cartoons, not big or tiny flower prints, not dull shades with dull patterns, not those shinny shinny 'indian silk' type....(*I memang abit fussy, I hav to admit now) Becoz we went research in alot of places. Wow WOw WOW!!

For examples: we went ask
Speacialist Centre John Little and Cavelli - quality is SUPERB! They come in nice classy design too! But too too too expensive, can't afford =( (available in SG); Akemi/Jean Perry - can be found anywhere in Jusco/Parkson (be alert of their sales, can go up to 70% or 80% some times *^.^*) Quality is ok but they dun hav higher ThreadCount; Aussino - They have alot of designs but dun quite like their quality. Firenzi - nice quality but limited design/pattern/colour.

So, we went to Metrojaya Midvalley and found Genova Letto. We both caught an eye on this very nice blue shades of bedsheets *^.^*

Genova Letto - Ricardo Edition 600 TC
100% Egyptian Yarn Dyed Jacquard

2 pillow case, 1 booster case, quilt cover, queen size bedsheet
Plus! Free soft quilt with the set *^.^*

This blue one is for our NEWly-wed bedroom *^.^* The red love was my 1st valentine present from Chenseng with a O.D.M watch on it~~!! (hummm....those were the sweet sweet days ~~)
We got this set for 30% discount only... so is around RM420. Then we continue look under the same brand for a redish one. Is for Girl-side, my home town queen size bed too. And we found:

Genova Letto Ricardo Edition 800 TC
Red Orangey colour *^.^*

These set is more expensive becoz is 800 TC!!
Super super comfy, yoy! ~~*^.^*~~
It has very silkly feel~~ Is RM200 more then the previous blue one
*sorry bout the lousy quality of photography here =p used flash

We bought another quilt from IKEA for my Seremban bedset *^.^* So total we spend just ONLY for BED is almost RM1.2k~~!! O.o !!~~ Yes, my friends. So you can choose to go for cheaper onces when the shopping malls is having super sales. But Genova Letto's quality is good *^.^* Thrust me...I'm lying on it now! Hihhihi....

More Proffesionals Photos taken by my AD photographer - Xuen Wedding Photography *^.^* I didn't expect him to took such details =) I'm very glad he and his teamates did! Here are some of my bedsheets and newly-wed room photos **^.^** (Highly recommanded Xuen! If anyone need his contact, let me know ^.^ willing to help and he might give you better offer if u mention me *^.^*) ~happy viewing~
OUR NEWLY-WED BED ROOM ~blue blue~ *^.^*
My engagement ring on the RED Genova Letto bedsheet *^.^*
Love the details on the bedsheets
My Actual Day Wedding Veil, Pearl Set of necklase and earrings (Thankyou, Mommy **^.^**) and my engagement ring... ALL on the newly bought bedsheet *happy yoy!


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