D.I.Y (X) Wedding Invitation Card III

Some of us Brides-to-be are mostly English educated so we hav no idea how the chinese version of our wedding invitation card's content goes =( Here a question pop in the post of MB:

And a lot of Brides-to-be are confuse whether the chinese version of their wedding card's content is correct or not. *HEADACHE ler ~~>.<~~

So, I went 'digging' out all the wedding invitation cards I've recieved previously from my frend's wedding... And I found out
there are actually a few ways to put those chinese phrases into a nice and polite content. Some examples:

(*to be shown later)

But let me show you how my DIY wedding invitation card looks like *^.^* (especially the inside content part - after much research and text editing by 'professionals' *a-hum Both my Teacher Parents....so here goes! *^.^*

Back cover + Front cover of our Wedding Invitation Card

Back cover: Our names with the Chinese charactor "HEI' - Double Happiness (written by my Daddy *^.^*) as our logo
Front cover: Our wedding photo + Chinese Painting of two Lover Birds on top of the Bloomed Cherry Blossom tree + 2 lines of Chinese Phrases that means "Love at first sight, Companion forever" - by my Daddy *^.^*

Inside content of our Wedding Invitation Card
First half page: Chinese version
Second half page: English version

Hope I can do some help or references here by showing samples of wedding invitation cards for you. More info is coming up...

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  1. Hello, do you have the editable template for wedding invitation card contents? Could you please send to me?


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