FEMALE Brides Magazine~ (cont')

Yes, YES! My dear friends and family, we are in THE magazine~!! FEMALE BRIDES MALAYSIA!! *We are so excited and happy *^.^*

Here are some preview from the magazine. Go to page 168, you'll find all 3 Brizillas' Blogs... Grace&Alex, Kathy&Steven and Sue&Justin

Go grab a copy of Female Brides Malaysia Dec 2008 Now! Or read more from here (just a click away *^.^*!) *PDF link will update soon

Here's MORE pictures of me and Chenseng Behind the Scenes... fooling around in the photo studio (coz the stylist want us to 'act' instead of pose-pose like taking pre-wedding pictures. She want Chenseng to hold the laptop (away from me) and I have to manja-manja pujuk him, so he can let me blog!! *Well...to tell you the truth, before I got my Apple Laptop, me and Chenseng used to take turns to use hi
s Toshiba laptop...=( so susah u know!! hum....Coz when I suddently got my inspirations and the semangat to blog, he is doing his work =(... So I have to wait till he finish his work only my turn to use. Sometimes he'll get soft hearted and pity me coz I have to use pen to wrtie down on paper... *like wirtting English essay! So he'll stop his work for awhile to catch some breath THEN! I'll type type typee typeee... blog blog blog... untill he fall asleep already *muahahaha =P BUT now, NO MORE *^.^* I can blog and type and edit WHENEVER I can~~*hihihi Thanks to him *^.^*

So! Here's some funny pictures (or more like fail
ure pictures of our behind the scenes) during our photoshoots at BluInc Studio:
*hahaha...Look at our expressions... so funny^.^
It was ALOT of FUN doing all the shoots

Thanks to FEMALE BRIDES M'SIA, WanLee, Shirlee and AlvinLiew *^.^*


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