D.I.Y (IX) Wedding Doorgifts/Favours

DIY continues... *^.^* yes! yes! This time is my Wedding Doorgifts/Favours - Cute Wooden Clips package with Hand-tied Chinese Knots!!

Before me and Chenseng made the final decision(from a list of ideas/doorgifts that we can think of) on these wooden clips... we were so into this TOWEL CAKE thing as our doorgifts *^.^* It's very cute, pretty and very popular in Taiwan~! Here's some samples we research from the net:

So CUTE and PRETTY, rite? *^.^* So many design and patterns and ways to diy this towel cake. We SO want to diy it for our guest of honour.... BUT *yes... here comes the problem =( After we went and ask around the price of different kinds of towel or handkerchief - from shopping mall, supermarket, towel suppler to pasar malam stall ALSO we ask for the price....hum... over budget =( Even they willing to sell in bulks, still one towel/handky is more than RM1. Say we need 400-500 piece for my guests (for my Seremban and KL side reception in total) that would be >RM400!! These havn't include the small cherry or replace with ribbons or small flowers, the cupcake cover, plastic to package them...WOW!! And when we went sourcing for the small cherry (or the green apples in the sample picture) They are NOT CHEAP~!! RM0.80 at least! =''(

Our 'very nice' ideas were vanish when it come to budget *kaching $$$ So, alternatives - was those small CRYSTAL ornaments. We went ask AROUND (u name it from almost all the warehouses or shops at Petaling Street) we ask one-by-one that weekend morning till night *So dusty and tired after that =o( Another failure...oevr budget and source not up to our requirement.

Chenseng's auntie suggest we give out ChopSticks. Hum... is quite common and can easily source and is cheap too! If we can get it from China is EVEN cheaper!! But Chenseng said is too common and almost every wedding we went is giving out chopsticks. Here's some sample I found from the net also: different design on how to pack the chinese chopsticks.

Well...since Chenseng dun like this idea so much... we continue search HARDER! Where ever we go shopping or walking through shops, our eyes open 'big-big' (hihihi...)

SO! On the 26 Oct08, Sunday (I forget what public holiday iziit) Me, Chenseng and mommy daddy went to Melaka to collect our DragonFruit RedWine *^.^* Here, I want to say a SUPER BIG THANKYOU to my best friend - Ms Tan Pei Fung and her mother-in-law Julia for selling me the very delicious DragonFruit RedWine for my wedding dinner. It's so delicious and tasty that most of my friends and family who tasted it wanna
buy it...But, too bad, according to Julia, the supplier of the dragonfruit redwine is not producing it anymore and is doin aloevera business now =( SOOoooo sayang-neh =( Maybe is the production cost is high and one bottle is RM55-60...so is not cheap! BUT!! I still feel very greatful and thankful from the help from PeiFung and Julia - THANKYOU *^.^*!!

Yes! After collected our redwine, we decided to tour around Melaka. Such a big change in Melaka Town! There's the Pahlawan Shopping Mall, the Menara Taming Sari Melaka (YES! All four of us q-up and went up the ride to view the very beautiful Melaka town 360 degree SKY HIGH!! Just like a tourist *^.^*) After dinner at Johny's Steamboat in Pahlawan Shopping Mall, we went to the Jonker's Street's Pasar Malam~!! So MANY Peopleeee~!!

NOW! My wedding doorgift story continue: Yup! I found my cute wooden clip as my wedding doorgift THERE! at Melaka's Jonker's Street *^.^* A shop named ARNAZO that sells alot of local made/china made crafts, ornaments, cute-cute stuffs and gifts. Like I said earlier, where ever me and chenseng go and see, we will alwys remind ourselves - DOORGIFT..doorgift...doorgift... ....
Chenseng found these cute little wooden clips and show me. I asked him what to do with it? The owner of the shop was very nice... He answered me: Can be bookmark, can clip memo, can clip greeting cards or even back to its orginal function - clip cloths (hihihi...) Well, the usage is not the main attraction to me...is those cute little animal pattern that caught my eyes !*^.^*! They are so colourful, small so easy to carry and easy to package them. So after talking to the owner of the shop - Mr Chai a.k.a Ah Pau, he is willing to give me wholesale price~!!! WOW!! reason why was we told him is for our wedding doorgifts as an appreciation to our honoured guest. He sense our good-heart so he also being a good-heart, he promise to give me the cheaper price. Me and Chenseng was soooooo happy!! I immediately ask him the detail on how he will mail me the products and payment method. Internet is amazing! HA! So, it a DEAL !!*^.^*!! Here's some pictures of the very cute and colourful wooden clips:
After I unpacked the wooden clips from the courier package, I separate the wooden clips and the slightly bigger memo clips and put them nicely, count them and ready to DIY package them.

We got our clear plastic packaging from Jalan Kenanga, Hang Tuah - Panma Worldwide Enterprise, specialist in plastic bags. I brought one sample of wooden clip so I can find the suitable platic bag saiz. The owner Mdm Tan was so friendly *^.^* She chitchat with us, recommand us so many different kinds of plastic packets, so that our wedding doorgifts looks nice! *so thoughtful*^.^*. She even taught us how to differentiate the quality of plastic bag. After all the chitchat, we decide on a rectangular size plastic packet so our wooden clip can fit nicely inside and seal it with my hand-tied chinese knot.

Here... Oscar moment again: I want to THANK my Beloved collegues - Serean Lau Siaw Woon and Chew Bee Bee *^.^*v*^.^* To BeeBee: Thankyou! You are willing to learn how to tie the chinese knot and helped me tied almost more than hundred knots and package them*^.^* To Serean Lau: Thankyou! You are so productive by package more than 30 wooden clips with the chinese knots WITHIN ONE NIGHT~!! WOW!! THANKYOU, my friends **^.^** Here's PART of the 500 chinese knots me, mommy and beebee did:
Weeks... Days... Hours... Minutes... Seconds... of our hardworking hand-tied chinese knotssss

Some close-up shoots of the BLUE and RED hand-tied Chinese Knots... Looks simple but SERIOUSLY need technique and skills and time to made these knot~~ Then tie them to sealed/secure the wooden clips inside the plastic packet we bought.

SO! This is my doorgifts' story.
A sneak preview on how I did my wedding doorgifts/favours:

My face stress-nya~!!
I was busy diy-ing our wedding doorgifts *stress while Chenseng (in the background) watching TV!!
- candid recorded by Alex (Kathy's brother) -


  1. hi there kathy,
    I found your blog from female bride magazine. Ur blog is so coool!!! i wish i can turn back time and blog bout my wedding too. One thing we have in common (which i havent found anybody doing it, and u're the first one) is DIY bride. I do everything on my own, from sewing bridesmaid dress, favors, invitations card.. i mean everything! hehe..
    well, feel free to visit my past wedsite - www.mywedding.com/richardalviana
    Wish u all the best girl! btw- when's ur big day ar?


  2. waaaaaah, u didn't have to put my full name for the whole world to see bridezilla!! :) but ur most welcome, it was the least i could do to help :D

  3. hi, the cake towel is so nice. That was also in my mind for my wedding doorgift. Can you give me the place or whatever that I can find those cake towel? Preferably other than in alibaba.com because i'm trying to find it in Malaysia.


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