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5 Jan 09, 14:31
mom: Dear Chen Seng &Yi Yi by watching the reception slides, everyone can feel & should share your love & happiness. You`re the most sporty & happiest groom & bride I ever saw. Great ! Great!

5 Jan 09, 14:39mom: Life,too,should be happy like this. Always remember to love & respect each other Be brave &happy to face hardship while travelling life long journey. Good Luck & Love.


Dear Mommy and Daddy,

I was SUPER happy on my wedding day that morning... so happy that I didn't even have any worries in my mind.

Looking me myself 'transform' into a beautiful bride infront of the mirror... I was so excited and happy *^.^* I always have confident... and that confident was taught by you and daddy since we (me and ahLit) was a small kid. Confident, humble, patien, optimistic, hardworking...I can name ALL the moral values here and I can say proudly, you and daddy taugh me well... very well indeed!

Friends, families, collegues and other people around me, who had praise/compliment about my good attitude, I thank them very much. But deep in my heart, I always THANK to you – Mommy and Daddy! You both have pass All your good values to me: being an artistic person, being able to do and think DIY-ly, so proud to be a lefthanded (like daddy ^.^), likes teaching, am a patien person, always think of others first, etc... I will continue learn and practise all this everyday.

I always tell my friends: If I have half my mom's talents arr... that will be so great! She knew almost every bit of EVERYthing!! Then I told Chenseng: If you can be half like my dad arr... that will be SUPER great!! *hahaahah.... (Chenseng is sweating o.O||...But I BELIEVE in him... He Will Be A Better Man~~!!)

Mommy and Daddy, although I don't really tell or show directly how much I miss and love u... I ALWAYS DO~!! A simple example: Every weekend, when me and Chenseng teach our children art class... All the moments from the past like: preparing for art competitions then waiting for result then won, calligraphy contest then won, piano lessons then exam with flying result, singing lessons then exam, swimming , badminton for fun and healthy, playground, flying kite, bicycle.... All my childhood moments with you and daddy came across my mind. And ALL THAT memories will motivate me to become a better person in real life (and also triggers my creativities during the art class...hihih*^,^*)

I dunno how much I can keep goin, coz there are TOO MANY feelings and emotions I wanna write about and share with you... but I for this moment, me - Kathy Foo Hui Yi, at the age of 28 this year 2009 would like to tell the world:

Thank You, Mommy - Mdm Chong Fong yen!
Thank You, Daddy - Mr Foo Yong Chek!


I wish both mommy and daddy:
As loving as forever
Smile more and
Stay Healthy Forever!!!

Me and Chenseng will try our BEST to be a better husband and wife~!! Thankyou.

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  1. wow...wat a touching post..I'm sure ur parents are proud of u too...:)
    I feel the exact same way about my parents too...I'm thinking of dedicating something to them on my special day


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