Dong Dong Dong Chiang~~ *^.^* ~~

Today is the Last day of Chinese 'Niu' Year 2009 (*Mooo moooo) and is also the Chinese Valentine's Day *^.^* whereby single ladies will throw mandarin oranges to the lake/river (with their handphone numbers and email address in this 21 century...some even throw watermelon or papaya! So got more space to write their details...hahahaha) and single guys will catch the mandarin oranges from the lady he set an eye for over the lake/river on a boat... after that miracle happends lor~~ *^.^* This is a lucky way for single ladies or guys to get the know each other. We chinese believe it's a way for couple to meet and live happly ever after~~ hihihi... Ancient time is so romantic neh~~!!

So here by, me and steven Wish all:

Happy Happpy Chinese New Year
*^.^* May you all have many many GREAT years ahead!! *^.^*

p/s: Btw, this is our huge portrait for our new room with my dad's caligraphy! (excluding the wishes I added later on..hihihi)


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