FEMALE Brides Magazine~

Finally is out~!!
Me n Chenseng were interviewed by Female Brides few months back and now is out *^.^*
More "Behind The Scenes" coming up...!!

Dear Friends,
Now our BIG day had past happily and smoothly *^.^* MORE friends are getting maried THIS 2009 year!! I'm so HAPPY for them~!!

I am SO HONOURED to be able to share my experiences and knowledge to you, my friends about ur wedding preparations:

To ChengKiat and HuahSze, Keep me in the loop of your pre-wedding photoshoots yah! I will do my best to help on the styling/poses and 'negociation' part *^.^*

To WanLee, Dun worry so much about ur wedding gown... I will try my best and help you look for the ONE wedding dress you will fall-in-love to...*hihihi...DIYDIYDIY

To Daphne aka baby, How r you now? How's your ROM? Tell me the storiess *^.^*excited neh!!

To Penny and Charles, How's your honeymoon at Australia?! I wanna know!!! *kepoh-kepoh

To All many many Brides-to-be, Feel free to email and ask me question...see whether I can do some help *^.^*!!

To All Bride-To-Be that been asking me questions/opinions/suggestions,
HOW ARE YOU ALL DOIN!? **^.^** Update me if I can still do any help lor~~

Wish: ALL THE BEST and THE BEST goes to you guys *^.^*!


  1. Congrats on the feature :) It was so exciting seeing myself in print! haha...

    Congrats on your wedding too and wishing you much love and happiness for your life together ahead! :)

  2. haha, my name appeared in ur blog again. Happy neh... I will update u soon. A bit busy recently... Hehe
    U take care ya! Cheers~

  3. hey gal... my australia trip was good.. :) anyway, my hubby is Michael.. not Charles... hehehe.... you take care.. will mail u soon..


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