My AD Wedding Morning Tea Ceremony Slide

YEs YES!! Thanks to DD - whom resized and uploaded our Wedding Actual Day Morning Tea Ceremony on 29 Nov 2008 @ my Seremban house *^.^*

In this video, you can also get to see my Mom-Made-Qipao ~^.^~ so PRETTY on me! *hihihi

Photos was taken by Xuen Photoz...Thanks to both my PG for my whole wedding event - Xuen Peh Choon Wee and Chris *^.^* I'm very happy with the photos u both took (even though I havn't receive ALL the selected photos from u guys yet) But with the slide photos u guys did, me and Chenseng are VERY Happy with it....

We both watch over-and-over-and-over-and-over-and-over...again and again and again....*hahahaha...U guys REALLY capture all the moments, thats why, simply by watching it, we can remember and think back what happen on our Wedding Day ~!!

Thanks alot!! v*^.^**^.^*v
To friends and family,

Enjoy my AD Wedding Photo Slides~! and drop me comments on my chatter box *^,^*!
~~*Happy Viewing*~~


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