D.I.Y (VIII) Mom-Made-Qipao

Some correction here...

Previous DIY (VII) was Mom-Modify-Qipao. I bought the dark blue qipao @ D'Glitter, PLaza Damas and had ideas too add should black lace and bottom lace, to enhance and 'beauti-fied' it. So with Mommy's skillful hands, she modified my dark blue qipao ~*^.^*~ VERY PRETTY ler!! More details, not so boring and BEAUTIFUL. Thanks, Mommy *^.^*v

Now, in my DIY (VIII)...this time Mommy RE
ALLY wanna make a BRAND NEW qipao, just for my wedding dinner~!! She INSIST and I'm so happy!!~~*^.^*~~!! Wearing my mom-made qipao on my once-in-a-life-time wedding dinner, go up the stage to do the toss, everyone will be looking at me, then go table to table and 'yam seng'.... So meaningful and MEMORABLE!! I'm so glad mom wanted to do a qipao for me *I'm so VERY touched~!

a sneak preview of my Mom-Made-Qipao:

still in progress *^.^*
Mom's hands adjusting my Bare-back Halter V neck Qipao/Cheong Sum (very special design from Mommy...and very hard to tailor too >.<)

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