Our Pre-Wedding Photo Album 'PREMIER' *^.^*

Hello~hello *^.^* Bridezilla was been busy awhile... but slowly, I'll upload more More MORE details of my wedding progress =)

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Now please...Sit tight and enjoy Kathy and Steven's very first 'Premier' of our Pre-Wedding Photoshoots at Taman Orkid, Lake Garden KL and Putrajaya.

Actor: Steven Ng Chen Seng Actress: Kathy Foo
Cameraman aka Photographer: Alvin frm JM Bridal House
Makeup: Carrie frm JM Bridal House Costume: JM Bridal House
Accesories: Kathy's DIY and Carrie's Designer: Storm, Heng,Steven, Kathy
Production: JM Bridal House


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