Yup! A brand new MAC BOOK for my GDL!

My dream finally came true~!! Yes yes!
I got a BRAND NEW MAC BOOK for my Gou Da Li~~*^.^*~~

THANK YOU, My Dearest

I took lots of pictures of my Apple laptop... please await f
or a new 'model' appearing in my wedding blog!

She is elegant... She is very pretty... She is chic... She has super power... She is mine! Now!! Muahahahah...

Chenseng even bought me a Migthy Mouse and a Belkin Protector for my New MAC BOOK 'baju' *super happy~~!! (Now, I can work from home too ^.^v dun hav to stay OT so often lor~~ yahoo!!)


I'm so so so SUPER HAPPY when Chenseng told me he's getting this for my GDL!! Thank you, DD! I LOVE YOU! ALWAYS WILL BE~!!

Can't wait for our BIG DAY 29 Nov 2008!!


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