I Am A Bride~! Now a Pretty Fresh Look~!


Yes yes *^.^* That's me and Mr Ng with my Dad's 'Love birds' Chinese Painting and Writting as our wedding invitation card cover~~!! And now is in MY BLOG!! *^.^*v

Thanks to Mr Ng aka my Dearest Deardear who help me upload and design the header of our blog *^.^*v Is so pretty now~!! I'm so touched and 'gam dong'~~ *sob

Now! I hav more semangat to blog blog blog~ with my pretty pictures + one-in-a-million chinese painting master piece + 2 ever-happy Mandarin duck OH HOoooo....

"I want to say thankyou to my parents, my DD - Mr NgChenSeng and to all the people who always visit my blog," *clapclap "I really appreciate all your comments and please continue to support me - I Am A Bride!! ~*^.^*~Thankyou thankyou!!"

(Hahahahhaaaa.....yes I'm abit high and am dreaming~~pls forgive my imaginations ^o^)

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