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D.I.Y (V) - Wedding Invitation Card

11 Oct 2008

Finally~!! I sent out my wedding invitation card to print *^.^* (consider abit late hor...hum....) Yes yes! I Design-It-Myself, and of course Mr Ng put in ALOT affort too! *Thanks, DD!!

Oh, I wanna say a BIG BIG BIG Thankyou to my DADDY again~ ^.^~ He did something so special, that I think is One-in-a-Million and Award-Winning (*cheh-wah) master piece compare from all the wedding cards in the world~~!! Seriously, I'm so proud of my wedding card cover.... *^.^*v

Actually, after our PS shoots, me n Mr Ng already had a rough idea how's our wedding invitation card gonna be. So after I type in the all the English n Chinese wordings and Mr Ng design the cover and we showed it to my mom n dad to check. Then is like magicwand *pprrriinnngg Daddy came out with this BRILLIANT painting and suggest to put in our invitation card~! IS SO MATCHING~~!!! and SO PRETTY~~!!!!!! *can;t wait till they print out

After all the 'excitment', now come all the 'exhaustion' - finding printers!
We have 3 printers in contact...me n Mr Ng spend the whole saturday, from Salak South to Serdang to Pudu to Sri Petaling....is like from the far south of KL till almost the far north of KL (FIY, I almost wanted to go to Rawang there *kena scolding by Mr. Ng =p....so far!! Tak larat-lar!!)

We went door to door, asking qoutations, meet new people (some are very nice ppl: Thanks, Ivy from Meiji Publishing for solving our problem about printing, Thanks to others sales person for being so patien to us ^.^) FINALLY, went up n down, the BEST DEAL was just a throw stone away from our house - Endah Parade, Sri Petaling~!!

Thanks to Irene from RedCard and the lengchai designer sit behind her that serve us well *^.^* We got a very reasonable price from her and decided to print under REdCard ~*happy!

Well....here's a 'teaser' of my invitation cards....*hehehe Of course hav to wait till I mail them to friends n relatives ONLY then I can REVEAL THE REAL THING~~

My proposal ring shoot is gonna be in part of my wedding invitation card ~*^.^~ *pretty!

PG: Mr Ng Chenseng
Art Direction: Kathyfoo
*muahaha is like doing some kinda bigbig project

SO!! To all my friends and relatives : MY AWARD-WINNING "SAMAN" is coming to boom ur mailbox!! MUAHAHAHA....

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  1. hello, I love how you attempt to personalise your wedding as much as possible. The card certainly looks great! I wish i had that much time but too busy with work @_@ so got a card designer to do it for us instead!


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