New NEW GOWNsss *pretty!

My good friend, Joelynn called me to inform me tht THEY HAVE NEW STOCK of very PRETTY Wedding Gowns and Evening Gowns for SALE or RENT~!!

So, as a Bridezilla (I think a very kiasu bridezilla), I went straight to PLaza Damas and be the 1st to check out their new new pretty gowns~ *^.^*~

YES! YES! Girls~ and to all the Bride-To-Be~~!! You must go check them out! She got variety of Wedding gowns: white, pink, red, beige....Western or Chinese style also have ^.^v

I, personally got myself a wedding gown from them previously and got myself ANOTHER Evening Gown TODAY~!!! YesYES! I'm NOT CARZY. Is a very nice Deep Blue Qi Pao~~*^.^*~~!! and I wanted a Qipao so badly for my wedding dinner and found it from the same shop!! *happy
Here's a rough sketch from my DeepBlueQiPao (didn't take picture coz sent it to tailored de ^.^)

I wish to add-on some Black Lace to make it more feminine and interesting ~*^.^*~
So, girls! Go check it out~! The gowns are all with reasonable prices. *hint *hint Let me know if you are goin~~ Happy Shopping, all Brides-To-Be!!


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