Maid Of Honour - Chenseng's words


"hi my bb kathy, do you know the first time we take the package of this stupid just married bridal that not service us well. And you alway think why other people (include your cousin) wedding that their wedding photo so nice!! with hired those expensive photographer and long!!! long grown.

Then from that time i start to plan every step that can make you like your wedding in photo, presentation, dinner and all about wedding thing. Even my room to make you comfortable. So i start search from online about all the expert photography, then from there i can have reference that can make our album photo look nice and had the standard that can compare to your cousin sister with use money to buy the good photographer.
"I'll do anything to make the bride happy."
So i believe you and me can make the different on wedding or whole life we walking together. Even i'm poor but i still can earn little money for our future and that is not enough, so i need to keep finding the wealth to bring to you."

"But do you know why, i do this all thing for you because i dont want you see other people happiness that you dont have. That's why i try to bring your own happiness by your side. So dont admire or jealousy other people have. you know why i think like that because i know you are that kind of gal which is weak in the heart. That's why i need to protect your mind, soul and whole person.

Kathy got one thing i havent tell you that in our relationship in the 6th year, that time i start thinking wanna stop this relation but i didnt do that because your patient. From that time i start to change my view and my attitude. Because that time my job is no stable, and always no enough money to buy thing for you. I also surprise that kathy can change a bad temper person in control."

from: chen seng
June 21, 2008 2:00 AM


  1. steven, thats very lovely leh~!! *touching my heart*

  2. Steven!!!!!! AH Seng!!!

    That's a lovely message from you to dearly Kathy Foo. Even though I have only known Kathy for 6 months but in the 2nd month I have sensed her patience and also her determination to tell the right from the wrong. From then on, Kathy is special.

    Thank you!!


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