D.I.Y Bridezilla (IV) - Ring's Decoration

Chapter Four #Ring's Decor
One fine weekend, after teaching artclass, we went to Damansara - The Curve, Cineleisure and the flea market...just to relax....but both our mind is still FULL of "Ideas for pre-wedding shoots" and also for our wedding *^.^*
We were walking around the flea market... so many cheap and interesting stuff. Then I came across this small booth at the far end corner, where they sell small small interiors item such as candle holder, salt n pepper, mugs... The things are so cute! I was looking looking...
*TING! An idea came across my mind... one of these things can be my wedding ring holder!! Rather then the normal ring pillow, I can buy something I like and shoot together with my gorgeous wedding ring...*TING!
I like cats! Eventhough I dun have a pet cat, I'm always a cat person =p...I saw this cute CAT shape salt n pepper holder...and is our Colour theme - BLUE and WHITE!!
Immediately, I asked the price - RM10 - BUY!! I'm so happy! ^.^v But... the cats are NAKED~~! I think I have to make them look like Bride and Groom! SO! I took out ALL my Tools and materials and start 'design' my cats' gown.

I got some IMPORTED beats from Japan (*woo-hoo! but actually i got it from the sewing shop nearby^.^) and nice sparkling diamontes (*blue colored once is RM0.50 per piece!! ka-ching ka-ching), the cute black n blue felt crown are from some kiddo hair clip (coz I thought I can make the cats wear the crown n become King & Queen~ hihihi...), some cute ribbon roses bouquet (though the SHE cat can carry a wedding bouquet...*cute-mar) and some lace for the SHE cat's gown. I didn't use this flowery lace, coz the material is not BRIDAL enough. So I got another lace (as wht SHE cat is wearing now).
Here are some snap shoots done by Chenseng while I was busying sewing her veil. You'll find some shoot tht SHE is botak! hahaha...
For HIM: I got a black color felt, measure and cut out a little black vest fro the groom. Add a lgith blue ribbon as his bow and to brighten up, I add a biggest diamonte on his left pocket!
For HER: First, I use a thick lace, wrap around her body to measure the lenght then did small folds, so it'll become 'bloom'. Then I did a beated halter neck for her gown. This part is quite trick coz I need to count the beads and balanced the gown, so it wont be to tie-up or too drop-py. I use a ribbon flower and the same lace to sew her veil. More shoots:


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