D.I.Y Bridezilla (III)

Chapter Three #The Big Back Ribbon

After done my DIY for my short gown, NOW is time to DIY my SUPER PLAIN white gown. I had a HARD TIME to finally choose this gown coz I was telling the servicing girl:" I want big, Big, BIG FLARE gown!!" "Big FULL skirt shape..." She kept letting me tried those 'slim-slim' gown...'T.T'

I even show her the sample I got and draw out the skirt shape...
"I want PRINCESS DRESS~~!!" I shouted...hahaha

SO! Finally, my cousin sisters found the gown that is ALMOST what I wanted.(You can look back at my previous post "Friday, June 6, 2008 I'm a Princess! He's my Prince!")

YUP! Kathy - The Bridezilla is not satisfied with the detail of the gown...or in other words - The gown has NO DETAILS at all!! Is just a very simple plain satin full gown. When I tried it on, front look nice but the back view, I look so FLAT...like no buttock! no no no... SO! I went back home and start my HOMEWORK~~

As usual, bridal mags and internet...

Here, I show part of the results me and chenseng found...ALL looks so pretty ^.^

...with floral details, satin ribbons with diamonte brooch, additional chiffon....

Out of sooooo many references and ideas...

I found this! I like this one the BEST! ^.^v


So next! I need a GOOD tailor~ I called my cousin sister and aunty for recomendation. They gave me the hp number and ask me to contact Winnie - my aunty's old schoolmate =)

She stay at Wangsa Maju (*so far =( man!) So Chenseng drove me there after work and I show her this photocopy sample and she said:"Can be done!" (*Is worth driving ALL the way to Wangsa now =D)

I'm so happy and THANKFUL~~yoohooo~~

So she measure my height so the ribbons' tail will drop nicely on the gown. Winnie ask me whether I have veil..."nope..*with a sad face..."
"I make you a simple one lar! very simple 2-tier veil lar!"
". . ."
I was speechless... I just remember how I give her a big smile!! =D

After 2 weeks, Winnie called me to come collect the ribbon and veil. She ask for a SUPER reasonable price for both item (*can't tell u guys but is not more than RM100 *wink!) It's SO PRETTY!! **^.^**

Here's the TRANSFORMATION of the plain white gown I choose from JM to Kathy's D.I.Y styles (*some help from chenseng also-lor!Thanks, DD):

TADA~!! 1 gown 2 looks *^.^*
My Big Back Ribbon and the cute 2-tier veil *^.^*

Hihihi... yes! I went to choose my pre-wedding photos @ Just Married last weekend. Those 2 pictures above are the rejects ones. Is polaroid size photo. I still keep them eventhough some I look abit cacat (some r really weird looking...=p) But me and Chenseng thought ALL the others choosen photos, turn out NICE ^.^v. This weekend have to go JM again and talk bout THE LAYOUT!! *I know... uptied-nya!


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