D.I.Y Bridezilla (III)

Chapter Three #The Big Back Ribbon

After done my DIY for my short gown, NOW is time to DIY my SUPER PLAIN white gown. I had a HARD TIME to finally choose this gown coz I was telling the servicing girl:" I want big, Big, BIG FLARE gown!!" "Big FULL skirt shape..." She kept letting me tried those 'slim-slim' gown...'T.T'

I even show her the sample I got and draw out the skirt shape...
"I want PRINCESS DRESS~~!!" I shouted...hahaha

SO! Finally, my cousin sisters found the gown that is ALMOST what I wanted.(You can look back at my previous post "Friday, June 6, 2008 I'm a Princess! He's my Prince!")

YUP! Kathy - The Bridezilla is not satisfied with the detail of the gown...or in other words - The gown has NO DETAILS at all!! Is just a very simple plain satin full gown. When I tried it on, front look nice but the back view, I look so FLAT...like no buttock! no no no... SO! I went back home and start my HOMEWORK~~

As usual, bridal mags and internet...

Here, I show part of the results me and chenseng found...ALL looks so pretty ^.^

...with floral details, satin ribbons with diamonte brooch, additional chiffon....

Out of sooooo many references and ideas...

I found this! I like this one the BEST! ^.^v


So next! I need a GOOD tailor~ I called my cousin sister and aunty for recomendation. They gave me the hp number and ask me to contact Winnie - my aunty's old schoolmate =)

She stay at Wangsa Maju (*so far =( man!) So Chenseng drove me there after work and I show her this photocopy sample and she said:"Can be done!" (*Is worth driving ALL the way to Wangsa now =D)

I'm so happy and THANKFUL~~yoohooo~~

So she measure my height so the ribbons' tail will drop nicely on the gown. Winnie ask me whether I have veil..."nope..*with a sad face..."
"I make you a simple one lar! very simple 2-tier veil lar!"
". . ."
I was speechless... I just remember how I give her a big smile!! =D

After 2 weeks, Winnie called me to come collect the ribbon and veil. She ask for a SUPER reasonable price for both item (*can't tell u guys but is not more than RM100 *wink!) It's SO PRETTY!! **^.^**

Here's the TRANSFORMATION of the plain white gown I choose from JM to Kathy's D.I.Y styles (*some help from chenseng also-lor!Thanks, DD):

TADA~!! 1 gown 2 looks *^.^*
My Big Back Ribbon and the cute 2-tier veil *^.^*

Hihihi... yes! I went to choose my pre-wedding photos @ Just Married last weekend. Those 2 pictures above are the rejects ones. Is polaroid size photo. I still keep them eventhough some I look abit cacat (some r really weird looking...=p) But me and Chenseng thought ALL the others choosen photos, turn out NICE ^.^v. This weekend have to go JM again and talk bout THE LAYOUT!! *I know... uptied-nya!


  1. Kathy Foo, who's your tailor? You are the queen of DIY!

  2. hi my bb kathy, do you know the first time we take the package of this stupid just married bridal that not service us well. And you alway think why other people (include your cousin) wedding that their wedding photo so nice!! with hired those expensive photographer and long!!! long grown.

    Then from that time i start to plan every step that can make you like your wedding in photo, presentation, dinner and all about wedding thing. Even my room to make you comfortable. So i start search from online about all the expert photography, then from there i can have reference that can make our album photo look nice and had the standard that can compare to your cousin sister with use money to buy the good photographer. So i believe you and me can make the different on wedding or whole life we walking together. Even i'm poor but i still can earn little money for our future and that is not enough, so i need to keep finding the wealth to bring to you. But do you know why, i do this all thing for you because i dont want you see other people happiness that you dont have. That's why i try to bring your own happiness by your side. So dont admire or jelousy other people have. you know why i think like that because i know you are that kind of gal which is a weak type. That's why i need to protect your mind, soul and whole person.

    kathy got one thing i havent tell you that in our relationship in years 6, that time i start thinking wanna stop this relation but i didnt do that because your patient. From that time i start to change my view and my atitude. Because that time my job is no stable, and alway no enough money to buy thing for you. I also superise that kathy can change a bad temper person in control.

    from: chen seng

  3. wow, I have to say you are really talented!


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