I'm a Princess! He's my Prince!

YUP! After we purchased our RM2388 bridal package, we made an appointment to TRY our gown for the photoshoot. In our package, I have 6 gown for shoots, so I choose 3 for outdoor, 2 for indoor and a 'GUAH' (a traditional chinese wedding costume). Chenseng's costume will match mine once I finalized mine.

SO! The first time we went just to do my gown choosing. I asked my 2 cousin sister (with GREAT taste~) Foo Hui Yin and Foo Hui Shan to loan me thier helping eyes - THANKS alot~~!

Then! I TOTALLY forgot bout chenseng's costume!!! We didn't get a close look on how his coat, tie, accesories..etc look like and I DIDN'T know if they let me wear can-can? veil? hair accesories? ???? I was soooo upset that chenseng bring me to Petaling street to look for can-can!!

SO! yeah we went back AGAIN second time JUST TO checkout what wil they let chenseng wear to match my selected gown.

YES! I'm very upset (coz they didn't let me know wht I WANT TO KNOW!) and uptied!! (I kan bridezilla! very demanding, high expectation!) WHY!? Coz the people who serve us, DIDN'T tell us ALL these when we wanna know! POOR SERVice! =(

Anyway, after THREE times going to-and-fro JustMarried, it was tiring but I think I hav the rights to atleast have an idea wht we're gonna look like during photoshoots. Maybe is my 'work-virus' coz before we do any fashion or beauty spread, we will set a concept and go through the whole idea from hair, makeup, custome, accesories, props to support the concept and even model's poses!

OK people...here are our finalized gown...I even do a rough match *^_^* paiseh~~ abit funny looking:

ID01 Posh look (super low V cut!) OD02 Romantic look (I can fly!) ID03 Oriental look (sexy back!) OD04 Prince & Princess (I DIY alot to this dress so it look like a princess gown! Can't wait to see the polaroids ^.^)

OD05 Modern look (kawaii desu ne!) ID06 Traditional

The last one chenseng refuse to try untill the shooting day~~hahaha...Look like 'Ah Wong'!

Well, on actual shootdate, Chenseng's custome is MUCH MUCH nicer then the above~He got to wear matching pants and fitting coat. (*hihihhi~)

SO! After the mix-matching, I was not satisfy coz the gown we choosed cannot got with our BLUE & WHITE colour concept!! Nevermind, I SKETCH OUT~!! Here's the sketches:

I added BLUE elements to our costume! ^.^ There's blue ribbons, blue hairset, blue blet, blue ribbons for hand bouquet, shirt with blue shripes.....

Close up!

How we come out with these ideas: Me, on the floor flipping through tones of bridal magazines; while Chenseng ont he desk with our laptop goin through the internet for references! We are such a good team~~^o^~~ He googled key words like: bridal gown, ribbons, wedding gown, groom coat...so many reference picturessss we got, SOOO HAPPY =D

Next up... Do It Yourself!


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