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Last year MArch2007(story start. . .), chenseng was reading theStar newspaper and found out there was this MALAYSIA INTERNATIONAL WEDDING EXPO (The 1st Grandest MAlaysia International Wedding Expo, konon-nya) @ the KL Convention Centre. From 23/3 - 25/3/2007, 11am-8pm.
"Let's go 'see-see', k?"
"Let's go! Just 'see-see' lor!" *He started to get impatien de, coz I didn't gave him a direct answer =p
"...oh....ok...." *hihihi my heartbeat's is a lil' faster >.<

SO! We head to KL Covention Centre...SO MANY PEOPLE! I mean...SO MANY COUPLE!
We got our tickets...then went in. Flyers, brouchers, and alot of pronotions leaflets; our hands were full de before we can even reach to the center of the hall.

There were so many bridal houses' booths from local, Hong Kong, Singapore and some others booths tht are related to WEDDING: hotels, gift shops, beauty stuff, spa, nails, magazine (BluInc promotional team-Mingle n Liz were thr too!) to promote FEMALE BRIDES & NUYOU BRIDES magazine.

SO! We were walking around....didn't really stay at a certain booth to REALLY ask for their promotions n stuff. I went to do my nails (*hihihi....) and chenseng went to the stadge area to see some catwalk show. The nail art is sooooo CANGGIH! Is mechine spray paint! Later got time, i'll tell more. Is basically like this:

Step 1: Apply one base colour on ur fingure. Step 2: Let it dry. Then go to this mechine, choose the design u like for ur nail art. Step 3: Place ur fingure on the mechine, spread out each figure, then the girl will scan one time to get the figure placing right. Step 4: Dun move! She'll apply the nail art on ur scan figure through the screen from the mechine. Then one click away, the mechine start spray paint ur nails. Step 5: Finish spray paint, put a top qoute to protect the nail art and TADA!!

(*Will provide visual later...^.^v)

After I did my nails, we walk round again for the 3rd time de and this time we REALLY ask details one-by-one! After ALLLLLL the information we got...chenseng decided we go out from the hall awhile to make decision. These are JUST PART of the leafte we got (lots I threw away de...)

2 Thick and 'stuffed' Nike folder!!

We sat down at the cafe with all those leaflets and flyers.....But our aim is selaras! that is GET THE CHEAPEST Package~~

WHY? Coz, end of the day, bridal house SURE will ask you to pay ADDITIONAL of small small stuff or add poses, or add EYELASH!!

My dear friends, If you plan to get a bridal package...please get the once tht are REASONABLE Cheap once....dun be afraid to take the VERY BASIC package...coz they FOR SURE will ask to pay SOMETHING ADDITIONAL~~kaching$$ kaching$$!!

SO! He told me this shop called JUST MARRIED...not so bad. The basic package is RM2388. Somemore chenseng said his grandma knows the owner: son of her old neighbourhood friends...(...yup I know wht u r thinking...) I was 'not-sure' also...but anyway he told me will go back to their booth again and ask more details.

SO! WITHOUT checking out the OTHERS bridal booths...we head straight to JUST MARRIED booth. We hav to stand and wait for our turn...coz ALL their sales ppl/agents are with customers. Then our fate dropped on this lady's hand, called Ah YEE. She seems friendly...but she rushing for something (maybe she dun wanna spend too much time with one couple so she can get more commission frm new customers! *Hate attitude like this!)

SO! Her 1st impression to me already 'deduct marks' =\ While she was talking to chenseng, I REALLY cannot concerntrade...Coz she was acting tooo fast!! Everything happend too fast~!! I want to listen to DETAILS~! I was SO worried, SO MANY questions to ask her...but she just take it for granded! I cannot tahan anymore....I told chenseng I need to talk to him outside for a while.

SO! We went out.I can't control myself anymore...

I told chenseng I dun like the girl who serve us, I was not ready for all this....VERY WORRIED!!
Chenseng dun understand.....(*oh NO!) We had a little quarrel...and I was still crying..=''(

After I stop tearing, chenseng give in and concole me...hum....he told me:
"Is best we do this early, dun worry bout gonna be installment anyway..." the attitude part, he will deal with her..-.-..

Fine! We went back in again and NOW I can listen properly and ask d*mn alot of questions...(as usual, she impatient...

-1 psc ActualDay wedding gown
-1 psc ActualDay dinner gown
-1 psc ActualDay wedding coat
-6 psc gown for shoots
-1psc 20x24 potrait
-35 poses 10x15 E-photo/Full pg/Digital photo
-21 poses (frm the 35 ps) 6x10
-60 psc 4R (10 poses) Ji-Mui photo
-1psc 10R table top
-1 psc album casing
-1 psc jpeg in CD
-1psc RM200 voucher
(Down payment offer = 24x50 (3poses) montage)

-include makeup, accesories, car deco(front+back: net and ribbons only),
bouquet (rose, gibbora, carnation)
-exclude Ampulse(for makeup), Fake EYELASHES! and
Hairset (each additional RM30!!)

SUPER BASIC isn't it? So, people this is it - our RM2388 package. According to them, after this expo, thr will be NO MORE RM2388. They'll start from RM2988....

IF anyone come across cheaper package PLEASEEEEE let me know...I go back to them n MAKE NOISE~~!!

Still feel not secure, we payed RM500 for deposit. They need RM1000 for deposit but I told them I dun hav tht much so I'll pay the other half 2 weeks later...and Ah Yee is kind enough to understand our situation =)

Some additional information I would like to share:
- OUT station shoots like Port Dickson, Langkawi or places tht are out of KL, additional RM300
-Designer Gown, +RM500; VIP Gown, +RM350
-Jpeg picture: touch-up, +RM35 per psc; without +RM30
-additional pose in album: Full page +RM70 per pose; digital (montage) +RM65 per pose
-If rain or the weather ur photoshoot is bad, additional RM150 for another day of makeup/photographer (is so! so! so! unfair,right????)

SO! We think after shoots, after choosing pictures of 2 days!! one day indoor shoots with 4 different costume (was not lucky coz it rain); another day outdoor shoots with 2 different location (Taman Orkid and Putrajaya) We seriuosly think our package will go up to RM3500 ATLEAST!!

BUT! BUT! but...if our pictures turn our n chenseng are REALING to pay for them. We did all our shoots already and are waiting anticipatedly to CHOOSE PHOTO on the 15 of Jun 08. So! Keep our figures cross~~^.^v


  1. hey, i took wedding photo in 2005 at just married. but i try to go recently but they were moved somewhere else, do u have their hp no. ? can u e-mail me at thanks

  2. they've shifted to F&N Business Park, near to Cheras-Pudu bulatan, tel:03-92236993

  3. hi! i'm really understand yr situation and i facing almost same problem with u. and i feel their prices a bit high then others, i spend around 6k in this bridal house.... but but but... i 'm very satified thier photo. really good.


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