D.I.Y Bridezilla~ Pearl Necklace

Welcome to Kathy's DIY world...hihihi..paiseh~
Chapter One #Necklace

Well, after I've sketch out what I need for those BLUE elements on both our costume...First thing I DIY is a SUPER LONG Pearl Necklace ^.^ in blue!

Here's my INSPIRATION ----

IT's from a bridal fashionspread in FEMALE BRIDES Singapore'06.
When I saw this, I was like: "Yah! It's very special..I can DIY it myself! =) Compare to the NORMAL choker size pearl necklace, why dun I try something 'modern' like this...*thinking....*thinking......"
"NICE!" said chenseng,"do it!"
hum....sure? coz is not like the ordinary, ladylike pearl necklace..u know!?

The nexthing I know, chenseng drive me to Petaling Street (again!) to source for materials: pearls, hook, pendant, diamonte, beads...whatever that looks PRETTY~~^.^~~

There's ALOT of beads wholesales shops around Petaling street. We REALLY go in ONE-BY-ONE of those shops to ask what I want.

For the FIRST TIME, chenseng STOP and SEE AT those GIRLY STUFF and EVEN pulled me over and say:" Ahhh...see! Maybe you can do this... hum... and this... or that.... OH! This also nice! See.....!can do this... !!"

(*Am I DREAMING?!? IS just me?! or someone just BRAINWASH chenseng's mind?! or there's ACTUALLY the word 'GIRL's Accesories' in his DICTIONARY?!?!)

A few times, I was standing at a corner of the shelf... just to look at how he was checking out at all the girly stuff~~ *^.^*~~ Soooooo cute!

AHUM!! Ok...back to my DIY...yes! I was saying...

After in-and-out sooooooooooo many shops, I found the pearls!

If you see clearly, there are 3 different shades of light blue pearls I put them together. I bought one straind of pearls for RM1.50 ONLY!! (wow!) These are NOT REAL pearls (of course...) they are sprayed paint... the REAL once (short/ choker size) can go up to RM500 per piece!! And who else will go SOOO NEAR to the bride to check out your PEARLS are FAKE or REAL!?
As long as they look nice and pretty~~^.^~~

So! I bought 3 straind of 'pearls' and combine them into a super long necklace. It took me only 3 hours to combine all three straind together, while I was watching ASTRO! *hihihi...

OH! How to end the necklace? Oops...the reference I found got a flower there...but I dun wan flower... *blank! I start research and flip through magazines and jewerelly booklets, etc....AGAIN!

pendant...Pendant...PENDANTS! I dun wan pendants!! SO! I ask my mommy opinion (I was at Seremban tht time) I have this idea, I drew out and discuss with my mommy. The execution part requirs my mom's sewing expertises! (My mom is like SUPERWOMAN! She tailored made me my Barbie doll's dresses and my FIRST PROOM DRESS ^.^!! That dress caught Chenseng eyes' on me the whole night...*hihihi....)
SO!... I took out WHATEVER I collected or bought since I was a kid (I like to collect SPECIAL buttons, beads, sewing stuff and of course some stickers..hihihi)

Found it! And with BIG HELP from my MOMMY *^.^*....We did this:

Thanks Mommy! I wore this during my shoots *^.^* pretty!
Hope it'll look nice on me~~ can't wait to see my polaroids photo this weekend! Keep my figure cross lor~~ *pretty *pretty *pretty


  1. Nicholle:
    Ja Boh.... you are obsessed with your husband!!!

  2. waaaa so nice!!



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