D.I.Y Bridezilla (II) - Lace Arm Cap

♥ Beautiful lace lace arm cap to add highlight to your wedding gown! 
Chapter Two #Lace Arm Cap
What is a Lace Arm Cap?! Eh-hum...is a term I 'invented' by Kathy myself (*hihih...) or lace arm band ^o^
After my gown selection and sketching, I decided to do something to the SHORT CUTE GOWN I choosed. (Actually EACH gown also I have different IDEA and blue elements for it....^.^)

SO! I'll start with the SHORT CUTE IVORY gown. At first, I was only think to wear my super long pearl necklace or just turn it into my chunky-layered breclet....hum.....not good enough
!! >o< !!

Bridal Fashion magazine~!! Google~!!
Got so many ideas~~ I first got inspired by this---->

A short gown by VALENTINO design!
What I realized is the 2 ribbons at the side -- IS SOOO CUTE!!!


SO! I went to the net and search....what are those ribbons called?! sleeves? ...nop....off shoulder?...not excatly...ribbons...what ribbons?!...

I went through my 'bridal gown directory' I photostat last year, there's no SPECIFIC name for it!? Here's a peek:

These are ALL the SLEEVES DESIGN for bridal gown. There are more designs on Necklines, Veil, Trains...will share it out when I talk 'bout it later(*wink ^.<)
I saw the design (I've highlighted) is what I want...It is called Off shoulder pouf 'cap'...SO! This is how the word 'CAP' come from. ^.^v

BUT!! Maybe there is a CORRECT term for it, I'm not sure =p...I not from the Fashion-line...so if someone know, please correct me ^.^v, k?

So I search the key words on the net: Shoulder cap ribbons, bridal gown. SOOOOOOOoo many things came out, but luckily I saw this:

Check out the bride's arm... That is something I'm gonna do! yes!!
SO! I took out ALLLL my sewing stuff and materials I bought and start my idea. I got all these:
Pretty Embellished Flower Lace with blinks and beads... Ribbons, ribbons, ribbons and more cute flower lace **^.^** so sweet-neh!

First! I sew the small flower lace on the light blue ribbons as a base. It took me only 2 nights (3 hour each night) to finish the left and right hand. ^.^v After that, only I sew the NICE NICE flower lace on top of the base. I didn't DIRECTLY sew them together...as I still need to adjust the position of the flower and the diameter of my arm, so the lenght of the flower can showoff nicely (*tada!)
Then, I TRY to tie it around my arms....It CAN'T SECURE at my arms if I start moving!! ALERT ALERT...PROBLEM PROBLEM!! Think! Think!! Think!!!
Chenseng was with his laptop, and I'll always sit opposite of him, doin my stuff. He saw wht I was facing. He tried to tie so many ways so that it'll secure, but....we failed...!
I was upset =( He ask me to go to sleep and continue next day. And when I just about to go to bed, I untied my hair...and....
YES!! Why didn't I think of THAT!! RUBBER BAND!!...YUhoooo! I'm a genius! (*hihi...paiseh)
Rubber is ELASTIC! Can stretch and hold! I can't wait till the next morning to go to the sewing shop and buy the rubber band! Yahoooo! ^o^
SO! After 2 more nights (3 hour each night also)...
Here's my MASTER PIECE!! *drum roll, please...*

Kathy's own Shoulder Cap Ribbons~~!! TADA!!

Some Close up shoots on how I did it.. ^.^v ..

Yup! I'm soooo happy I did it! I'll wear this with my SHORT CUTE GOWN and hopefully it'll bring out some kind of nice 'effects' to me, my gown and of course Chenseng~~ ^.^ Coz I think if I add this on my arm...the thin ribbons will fly,Fly, FLY~ with our movement...*imagining~~
Whatever it is, I REALLY like my creation and hope our pre-wedding picture will turn out nice *^.^*v If you like what I did please tell me =)

The result *love!

♥ My own hand made lace arm cap and hair decoration with pearls 

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  1. Nicholle:
    Yes, i love them, my dear... it's lovely and brilliant idea! Like i told you b4, u better be my consultant next time if someone wants to marry me. ok??


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