Today is my FUTURE HUSBAND's birthday!

.....and I forgot about it! You know why? Because I was more concerned with my wedding stuff...(*hihihi) Instead of buying him a present last night, I went to get my wedding gown..... hahahahaha. Even this morning, when he called me to tell me about the hits on our blog, I STILL didn't remember his birthday...O.o... aiyoh... (I'm so terrible lah!).... So... now when I FINALLY realised that it's his birthday, I feel guilty.....=( But all my colleagues are talking about what a horrible wife to-be I am, so I'm giving in and taking action!..... I took three minute to draw this picture for him:

(text and typing from my SeniorSpecialProjectWritter: Chan Wan Lee; edited by KathyFoo)
Today...I'm still Ms Foo today...but Tomorrow I'll be Mrs Ng ^.^v I'm very happy to be your lifetime partner...and hope we can go through E-V-E-R-Y hard and happy times together for the REST of our lives!

I will always love you, happy birthday~~!


chen seng has left a new comment on your post "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHEN SENG a.k.a husband!":

Thank you, Ms Foo. I like your artwork very much. But i surprize, in a short time you draw a beautiful cat and it touch my heart. Each time you spend time to perpare the gift to me. I feel happiness to have you by my side. Even sometime i make you sad but still prepare the best gift to me. I feel very sorry to you in this past four year, I apologize and million apologize to you. But each time you send a gift, i alway keep in my mind until i die.


That cute cat is Chii from Chi's Sweet Home! As many people know I like cats~~~mya!


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