Best wishes from Best Colleagues ^.^v

ahhhhh....I'm SO surprized! My Best colleagues Nicholle Liew a.k.a Ningou (Editorial Asst of FEMALE) and Serean Lau (Beauty Writter of FEMALE) gave me each a ROM GIFT!

I"M SO HAPPY~~ *^.^*~~

Ningou gave me a MOMO notebook! She knows I like MOMO:Tzuki -
the cute black n white rabbit emoticon, coz I always use Tzuki in msn! Here's a sample:
Creator: Wang Momo, 22

SO! Here's the picture of Ninguo giving me her Momo Tzuki Notebook(right) and a Chii-with love picture I drew(left) in return of my appreciation n TQ~! THANKS NINGOU!
Ningou sooooo nice! She even help me RECORD down a VIDEO: while I was 'opening' her gift! Here goes~~:

(*Sorry, will upload later!)

Second person: Serean Lau Siaw Woon! (*hihhiii..said her full name!) She MADE me a 'last-minute' wishing card! She did a montage (cut-and-paste) from magazines and some photosted images...very creative!....but the design.... err... you see for yourself lar.... ~~kt N aH seng~~ALL the BEST!~~ *open you hear :)
(left bottom corner)

She some more wrote behind the card:
Dear Kathy,

Congrats! May the road ahead brings lots of hapiness, sweet & tender memories. It's not the end of your 'pak tor' relationship but a new beginnig of a higher stage as a couple. Best of luck!

Eh... paiseh, my art always got 'D' but I tried already!


29th MAY 08

I'm so touched and happy the same time...I intercom her:
"Serean Lau! Your Art result with a A-!!"
"WALAU EH! A- ler! He-he-he..."

So! In return, I drew her a Chii also! Is Chii in her new 'toilet' place, pop-ing out her head...Biong~

YUP! ^.^ I'm so..SO...SOO happy to have friends a.k.a colleagues that gave me their wishes!

I'm SERIUOSLY feel so warm in my heart!...and to all the DESIGNERS in 'the designer's room' - My TEAMate(FEMALE MAG): Amy, Maisarah & Beebee, Special Projects Designers: Shierlee Khong, Penny Chew, Ero Wee, Mei and Chong Hui,

(eventhough I know some of u didn't wish me directly...but my HoHa 'bout my wedding, I think u guys realised...and I feel it!) perasan abit lar =p

Thank you so much! I will go through my ROM day happyly (try not to cry...hohoho!) APPRECIATED!


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