Best wishes from Best Colleagues ^.^v

ahhhhh....I'm SO surprized! My Best colleagues Nicholle Liew a.k.a Ningou (Editorial Asst of FEMALE) and Serean Lau (Beauty Writter of FEMALE) gave me each a ROM GIFT!

I"M SO HAPPY~~ *^.^*~~

Ningou gave me a MOMO notebook! She knows I like MOMO:Tzuki -
the cute black n white rabbit emoticon, coz I always use Tzuki in msn! Here's a sample:
Creator: Wang Momo, 22

SO! Here's the picture of Ninguo giving me her Momo Tzuki Notebook(right) and a Chii-with love picture I drew(left) in return of my appreciation n TQ~! THANKS NINGOU!
Ningou sooooo nice! She even help me RECORD down a VIDEO: while I was 'opening' her gift! Here goes~~:

(*Sorry, will upload later!)

Second person: Serean Lau Siaw Woon! (*hihhiii..said her full name!) She MADE me a 'last-minute' wishing card! She did a montage (cut-and-paste) from magazines and some photosted images...very creative!....but the design.... err... you see for yourself lar.... ~~kt N aH seng~~ALL the BEST!~~ *open you hear :)
(left bottom corner)

She some more wrote behind the card:
Dear Kathy,

Congrats! May the road ahead brings lots of hapiness, sweet & tender memories. It's not the end of your 'pak tor' relationship but a new beginnig of a higher stage as a couple. Best of luck!

Eh... paiseh, my art always got 'D' but I tried already!


29th MAY 08

I'm so touched and happy the same time...I intercom her:
"Serean Lau! Your Art result with a A-!!"
"WALAU EH! A- ler! He-he-he..."

So! In return, I drew her a Chii also! Is Chii in her new 'toilet' place, pop-ing out her head...Biong~

YUP! ^.^ I'm so..SO...SOO happy to have friends a.k.a colleagues that gave me their wishes!

I'm SERIUOSLY feel so warm in my heart!...and to all the DESIGNERS in 'the designer's room' - My TEAMate(FEMALE MAG): Amy, Maisarah & Beebee, Special Projects Designers: Shierlee Khong, Penny Chew, Ero Wee, Mei and Chong Hui,

(eventhough I know some of u didn't wish me directly...but my HoHa 'bout my wedding, I think u guys realised...and I feel it!) perasan abit lar =p

Thank you so much! I will go through my ROM day happyly (try not to cry...hohoho!) APPRECIATED!


  1. Dear Kathy Foo,

    Even though I have known u for only less than 6 months but you have taught me the meaning of being patience and also love. Seeing both you and AH SENG has given me a new aim in my own love's life which is to give and never ask for return.

    Let me know when u need help in your marriage preparation as I will be there for you.

    ps: my face so big one!!!

  2. Nicholle:
    Oh god, my picture... my eye bags!!!
    You told me that you touched up my eye bags. But its still very obvious.
    But nevermind la... As long as the bride is pretty then ok already. hehehe....


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