31th MAY 08 Kathy+Chenseng ROM!

My ROM bouquet and ROM dress!
(photo taken by kathy myself, during the journey to ROM in the car *^.^*)
pity me...I'm so tired after ROM in the morning session, 6.30am and photo shoot with Davelab @ Shangri-La, Putrajaya till 7.30pm!! I'm like a FLAT BALLOON now...
One of my favorite pic! Lovely *^.^*


  1. Nice to meet you both too ^.^
    So paiseh to let u guys see me SOOO kelam-kabut =p not a very good impression though...

    Keep in touch, ok? Take care of chenseng in office...i mean 'guan jiu guan jiu' ^o^

    Thanks again for joining our ROM~~ say Hi to ur future wife =)


  2. hi, i found your link through MB forum. Love your flowers! I am still looking for florist and gathering ideas for my ROM and bridal bouquet. You seemed to have a lot of time dedicated to DIY, but great job :)


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