Empire Wedding Gown with Side Split Layers in Ruched Netting by I AM A BRIDE® Wedding

Two years ago, Stephanie found I AM A BRIDE® Wedding through online. She was a well prepared lady who knows what she wanted for her wedding gown.
Empire waist-line with patch embroidery laces and embellishments
I still remembered the first email from Stephanie, she sent me a sample picture (below) and with a theme inspiration board and color chart she compile (scroll down later to view :)

Stephanie's custom make gown sample picture.
When we meet-up, she was very VERY clear and sure on what she wanted. I shared some of my ideas to imppliment on her gown design and after some discussion, she agreed and we didn't went too far from her original gown design above!

We keep the empire waist-line cutting and we both agree to do away with the waist sash. I suggested to do with a layer of see-thru ruched netting over the chest-line, to create the similar ruched effect in the sample picture :) If using the ivory matte satin material itself to ruched or do the foldings, the gown might look abit 'top-heavy'. Here's some close-up of Stephanie's custom make wedding gown!
Empire waist line ivory white wedding gown with ruched netting over the chest-line;
patch laces and embellishment down until waist line
Instead of the many uneven foldings or gathers all along the skirt part (that might look a lil messy/untidy in real life, and might give an 'enlarge' illusions to certain areas that you don't wish to be seen wider!) So, I suggested we keep the skirt simple in a flare A-line skirt and make it interesting on the side split part - instead of a layer of flat full lace underneath, I put layers of see-thru ruched netting and later add some patch laces and embellishment to create the 'high-light' for her gown!
Layers of see-thru ruched netting for her one side open split wedding gown
For the back, instead of a real tie/lace-up back, Stephanie prefers a zipper gown (more secure and tidy) but like the 'look and feel' of a tie-up. So I did this for her:

A zipper back with a fake tie-up or lace-up ribbon sash
Stephanie was a fast and independent decision maker! She even decided to custom make a cheongsam (for her dinner reception in KL) and wedding shoe with me! I'll feature her wedding cheongsam and wedding shoe next!
After 2 visits with me to further discuss a bit more on the materials and details, I started working on her wedding gown and complete for her Australia wedding ceremony! 
Still can't get enough of her this very simple yet unique custom make wedding gown design
♥ Especially LOVE the see-thru netting layers with patch laces!
Here are some of Stephanie's Australia Wedding photos.
The Bride and Groom
Beautiful Bride, Beautiful Lad,y Beautiful Skyline, Beautiful Weather
Yes, here's her wedding theme inspirational board she emailed me the very first time!
 Beautiful blue, turquoise, mint and white combination

And the bride stick to her original wedding theme very well!

Bridesmaids' dresses, Bridal Bouquet, Bridesmaids' Bouquet
 ♥ All so LOVELY

Cute Couple with their wedding reception corner
This was a screenshot photo I snap from Stephanie's Wedding Video and edited to her color theme!
♥ L.O.V.E
Photography by Kimz
Stephanie got married to Ching last year September, and her current status is a mom-to-be!
Congratulations Stephanie and Ching!
Lots of ♥ to you both!

If you are thinking to custom make your very own idea/design of your wedding gown, evening gown or cheongsam, share with me by email or check out I AM A BRIDE® WEDDING Facebook!

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