Chinese Traditional Qun Kwa Rental Promo 2014

Promo Rental Price valid until 31st Oct 2014 only!
For brides who are looking high and low for the Chinese Traditional Qun Kwa 裙褂 for wedding tea ceremony (斟茶仪式) or actual wedding fetch-the-bride (出门仪式) session in the morning, here's your chance to browse through I AM A BRIDE® Wedding's new collection of Qun Kwa 裙褂 designs for purchase/rental! 

Qun Kwa 裙褂 is a traditional Chinese custom clothes worn during marriage, equivalent to the Western wedding gown. The Qun (裙) is the long skirt, while the Kwa/Gua (褂) refers to the Chinese-style top coat. The customary Chinese bridal Qun Kwa (褂) symbolizes the abundance of children (儿女成群).  It is mainly in red top coat sew traditionally handmade with dragon and phoenix pattern (mainly in response to the different Qun Kwa), embroidered with different pattern with gold and silver thread. 

The meaning behind the dragon and phoenix patterns is "blessing". Also a pattern to symbolized the word "囍" (pronounce as "Xi" in Mandarin or "Hei" in Cantonese).  There are many more auspicious patterns like lotus, lotus leaf, butterfly, peony flowers, mandarin ducks, mice and other, to match and complete the whole Qun Kwa.
At present, the most representative of a rich family's Qun Kwa called "Huang Densely Gown", a full Qun Kwa (skirt gown) with gold and silver thread embroidery in these two colors, hardly see the slightest bit of red cloth! A "Huang Densely Gown" takes at least eight months to complete! *wow!

So now you know a bit or more about Qun Kwa
裙褂 and can start consider if you want to wear a traditional Chinese Qun Kwa 裙褂 for your wedding day! 

Make an appointment with us to drop by visit at our bridal galleria I AM A BRIDE® Wedding Galleria at Publika, Kuala Lumpur, to check out the many new collections of our Qun Kwa 裙褂 designs. Now with promo rental price!
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Qun Kwa 裙褂 ready for your actual wedding day!
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