Unique Patched Lace Mermaid Cut Wedding Gown

It is unsurprising that the mermaid cut gown is one of the more popular styles of wedding gowns as it easily brings out a blushing bride's feminine curves! This is an especially unique custom made mermaid gown by I Am A Bride® as an extra layer of tulle has been added to give it the silhouette of a fuller A-line gown. The mermaid cut is still visible however, as the tulle is sheer. This gives an interesting effect combining the sexy silhouette of a mermaid gown and the romantic fullness of an A-line gown without it being too heavy.
On top of this, there is a scalloped lace edge on the tulle for a more polished look and to add weight to the tulle so that it gracefully echoes the bride's gentle movements on her wedding day. The bodice is also lovingly detailed with patched lace so as to create a more natural look for the lace. The lace also adds some timeless elegance and luxury to the gown.

Here are some pictures of the sketch and the bride's inspiration for this lovely gown. We are also proud to show you what the dress looks like in action! Credits of the actual day photographs to Dennis Photography!
To create your own ideal gown that expresses your inner princess do not hesitate to contact I Am A Bride® or feel free to browse through our albums on Facebook for more inspiration :) 


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