Red Cheongsam with Deep Purplish Blue Accents

It is always nice to have an elegant traditional gown for one's wedding as traditional outfits tend to have a bit more character given it's historical and cultural value. However, one has to be careful about balancing the right details so that the gown will bring out the bride's personality rather than drowning her out. This custom made qi pao by I Am A Bride® is a rather unique combination of matte red satin with deep purplish blue accents,it has a see through chest that gently slopes into a low-cut back. Metallic deep purplish blue micro-beads are painstakingly sewn onto delicate lace that appears so naturally on the dress that it is as if the flowers are indeed 'growing' in a garden of satin. Light sugarplum pink beads are also added onto some flowers on the lace not just to create a contrast with the purple but to tie it as a whole with the red satin and to give the look more depth.

The overall effect is an interesting balance of the bold red with a unique touch of purple and demure pink!

Here are some pictures of where the inspiration for the colour combination came from.

If you too would like a unique cheongsam/qi pao of your own for your special day, please contact I Am A Bride® to make your dream come true :)


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