D.I.Y (VII) Mom-modify-Qipao

We went CRAZY!! Research and find my qipao chinese matching buttons and the 'super-hard-to-find' sleeve lace!!! Need Black sleeve lace some more~!! (*headache) Chenseng brought me to the WHOLE Chaw Kit Road to go in-and-out those fabric shops one-by-one, floor by floor, section-by-section to ask for black lace. MORE CRAZY~~ During the last Deepavali holiday, me and chenseng went back to seremban and mom decide to make me a qipao...he suggested to bring us to see cloth @ Nilai3 but end up, he drove me and mom straight to Chaw Kit road to find the suitable qipao material!!! Within one day, morning we travel back from KL to Seremban, then frm Seremban to KL(to find qipao material), comeback Seremban frm KL, then after dinner we head back to KL home. *WOW WOW WOW!! All three of us was so tired: we walk from street to street starting 11am till 6pm!! OMG~ We encounter some problem while finding the sleeve black lace. Remember my skecthes for my dark blue qipao I bought from D'Glitter? Mom said there must be some specific kind of rounded lace for neckline/sleeve...coz if we buy those square cloth type, the curve area at the sleeve is impossible to do! IMPOSSIBLE!?!? Noooo! Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE~! So we went crazy finding the materials for the sleeve thing. Brainstroming while researching materials at Bunga Reben. hum.....=( But DD REALLY wanted to help mom...coz he told me he sensed mom REALLY hav to courtersy/urge to make this qipao for me *^.^*! THANKYOU, DD for willing to travel up-and-down for me n mom! =) and Thankyou for your patience, Chenseng and Mommy **^.^**

After soooo many hours seraching for the Black Sleeve Lace @ KL tht day, we didn't bought excatly what I sket
ched out previously. Me and mom discussed quite a while and came out a `last-resort` solution: she'll attached the flower pattern on top of a black net then only paste on top of my darbblue qipao =( So we end up spending more than RM50 for 1meter of black flower sequinded lace (big and small flower) and a meter of black net.
I TAK PUAS HATI!!! NOthing is IMPOSSIBLE to find~!! SO! The next day I came back to KL, morning, I went straight to the sewing shop near The Soter, Sri Pataling, I ask for Black Sleeve Lace. YES! She got!! But unfortunately I hav only one choice....BETTER THAN NOTHING!!! =D
I immediately buy 2 pairs and called mom to
tell her the good news *^.^* then I also buy more nicer chinese buttons (silver once...coz mom match my DIY qipao with silver lining *pretty*)
So here are the lace I FINALLY FOUND IT!

Mom adjusting the black sleeve lace on my shoulder ~*excited*
Close up shoot of the VERY LOVELY black lace ~ *^.^*~
I even DIY the bottom part of my DarkBlue qipao by adding black lace~!! Nice? *I think is special lor **^.^**


  1. You are so lucky your mum can make qipao for you! It looks very, very nice :)

  2. babe, it looks GREAT! Very nice indeed. I like :)


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