Accesories #5 Wedding Car decor Toy

Yup! This pair of ~M-I-C-K-E-Y! M-O-U-S-E!~~(*sing) is for my wedding car!! Me n Chenseng was looking up and down for toys that is wearing something BLUE....FINALLY, we found this pair where Mickey is wearing a BLUE TUXEDO and BLUE TOP HAT!! SO matching to our colour theme ~~*^.^*v somemore his shoe is in the classic black n white! So cool~~!
Minee, in other hand is soooo LADY! (*a-hem~) with sweet pink short gown (plus her cute!), pink heels and polka-dot ribbon too! Eventhough she don't hav a wedding veil but they are so PERFECT!! Thanks to Chenseng whom found this pair of wedding mickey while on the way back home from work (BTS). He got this pair for RM69.90 from GiftLane, Sg Wang.
More pictures coming up - the unwrap ones and the details *^.^* hang on there~


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