Accesories #4 Wedding SHOEss

Wedding shoe is ver important ^.^ hum...I always have problem to buy heels, becoz I have a size 10 feet =( Usually is VERY hard for me find a pair of heel I like, either the style of shoe i like dun hav my size or shoe that have my size I dun like... OH! Actually, there are shops that sells size 10 n above shoes, like those slightly high-end branded shops, yes.
SO! I went Vincci, Chairman, Primavera, Shoeshoeshoe, Nose, Lewre, Ninewest....small, big, branded or non-branded...u name it! same inccident happend to me!! arghhh...i'm so geram n fed-up. Untill, one day, after gym at CaliforniaFitness Midvalley, me n chenseng go walk walk The Gardens (coz tht time Gardens JUST open). There's actually SALES every where!!

Then, we walk pass this shop called TIAMO...selling very Bling blings stuff like accesories and bags. I was actually checking out their earings coz the BLINGS really attracks me *hihihi...Then chenseng saw SHOES. They are pricey though~~ Then we saw this pair of white pointy heels with pearls and diamonte details...and it's silver polka-dots~~ *^.^* so lovely!!
Let's guess how much it is? * drumroll... ... ... IT'S RM277!
Walau eh! But I REALLY like it~~ Then the MOST important question is " Do you have this is size 9 or 10?" ... ... ... "yes" YES!?! OH YES!!! ithout thinking twice, I decided to buy this pair of shoe as my wedding shoe *^.^*
THEN! yes then, the salegirl is so nice~~ She let me choose a pair of bling bling earings from the rack as a wedding gift for me~~ Here's the earings:

Check out the crystal earing I'm wearing, match one of my PS gown *^.^*v
SO! That was my 1st pair of wedding shoe. I got my 2nd wedding shoe from GUESS during their mid-year sales. This pair of Blue 'transperant' pointy heel is only RM63 after discount!! Here it is:

It's soooo pretty~ suits my colour theme BLUE, white and black. I think it can be my dinner shoe also for my wedding dinner (though I don't know what's gonna be for my dinner gown).
This GUESS heels is about 3 inchs high! I'm already 172cm (5' 7f) but luckly Chenseng is much MUCH taller then me (*hohoho) else the photo of us will turn out abit weird.

But honestly, heels like this is very tiring to wear. TIPS: Remember to bring slipper when doin your pre-wedding photoshoots! I wore this GUESS heels for my ROM, sneak preview of my ROM with my 'killer' heels:

My GUESS Blue shoe is so matching with my ROM dress and ROM bouquet, right? *happy *happy

I have 2 more pairs of shoes Just for my pre-wedding shoots....coming soon.

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  1. Hi,

    I really like your gold cheongsam :) Where did you get it made or was it from the bridal house?

    Thanks! I really enjoy reading your DIY tips! You're an amazing bride to be!


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