Accessories #2 Bridal Hand Gloves

♥ Pretty fingerless lace bridal gloves in opera length 
I'm very particular with my overall image as a bride, so I decide to 'beautify' my hands with gloves. (*hi-hi-hi) I know some will think: HandGloves are so OUT OF DATE and old fashion... but I think is classic ^.^ And tell you what, I've got 3 pairs of handgloves (that I REALLY spend time looking for it), just for my wedding shoots!! Yes!! Thanks to the 'lousy' SA person that didn't served us well and sort of push me to the limit I went on SEARCHING (high n low) and BOUGHT them MYSELF. I've no regrets.

Yup! Once again, Chenseng brought me to Petaling street to look for wedding gloves. BUT we CAN'T find ANY from there!!! @#$%&*geram THEN he said:' How bout we try HangTuah - the warehouse for u girls punya clothes...maybe got.'

SO! We went there, got a parking and start our SEARCH. SO MANY boutiques and shopss!! We dunno where and how to start! NO CHOICE...chenseng teman me go shop-to-shop, in-and-out, one-by-one, we asked.

Not only the ground floor, which ever we saw got possibility...1st floor till 2nd floor we WENT IN TO ASK. (*end og the day, I was REALLY amazed by myself) After trying about more than 12 shops, NO LUCK...I was upset already and almost wanna give up. THEN...(*yup! always like tht, isn't it?) THEN...I saw this shop with abit out dated evening gown that's abit 'aunty' style...1st floor up at this end of the road... I'm already tired and sad...was telling myself not worth claim up the stairs and answer is 'NO!' again...But Chenseng went up b4 I followed.

The shop looks enpthy. We press the doorbell and a GUY served us. "Do u sell any wedding gloves?" asked chenseng, coz I giveup 'de and was checking out their 'aunthy' evening gowns.
WHaT!?! I immediately asked again...Sure-ah? for wedding one wor! (I make him sound so stupid and I'm stupid also =p) He's patience and took out SOOOO many kinds of hand glovess!

I'm so happy!! There's long, mid-lenght, short, black, white, pink, blue, satin, lace, velvet, rubber....

So girls! Here are the FINAL 3 wedding hand gloves I bought:

This is a elbow lenght whtie lace wedding gloves.Push towards ur wrist to turn into a short one! ^.^v

This is a satin wedding gloves.
There's little pearls details ~so pretty!

This is a blck lace wedding gloves.
It's slightly longer (above my elbow) But is so sexy!
Yup! I'm very HAPPY indeed. I wore the white lace for my Outdoor pre-wedding shoots to match my tube top gown. A small sample of the shoots with my glooves *^.^*:
These are some of the 'rejected' polaroids hard copies I scaned. Imagine me without the gloves on my hand...I think I'll look very 'empthy' and abit too much 'flesh'! Hand gloves are not out-of-date...They make you look pretty!! **^.^**


  1. Wow!~ u really did a lot of preparation for ur wedding......
    U'll definately surely be a pretty bride on ur wedding day!~ :)

  2. Hi, do you mind sharing where you bought your gloves from? I'm looking for gloves and a nice long veil but not sure where I can get them from.

    thanks :)

  3. Can you pls let me know the exact location where you got gloves from?


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