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Not only I have my proposal ring and wedding band... I bought LOTS of OTHER Rings to GLAM UP my outfit during shoots. Here's an ARTISTIC shoot taken by Chenseng *^.^v*
Nice right? there are 5 rings tht looks like they're part of the silver plant.
We got our wedding bands and proposal rigns from Brilliant Rose - SooKee. Here's some nice shoots we took:

SO! That's it..very simple wedding bands but a complicated diamond ring. Both were from Brilliant Rose, Bangsar Village2. One fine day, we were just window shopping round Bangsar thn came across this jewellery shop..I was talking bout my cousin sister's wedding ring (that was CUSTOM MADE in CARAT CLUB *kaching x1000) Then I said I KINDA like the pattern and shape of her proposal ring. He hav no idea how it is, so we SIMPLY went in and he ask me:" Got the style of ring you describe or not?" At first I could find...then the service person came and help. He showed me my proposal ring first and I've already "Fall-in-love" with tht ring!! I tried it and it's sooo pretty!! Then.......IS RM2100!! O!K! Let's go out now~~ So I didn't see tht ring after tht anymore...untill the Putra ShangriLa Xmas eve dinner *^.^*
SO! Back to my story... I went to my jewelry box and found THESE:
There are 5 rings (out of a bunch of kiddo rings i collected from young) which are applicable to match my gowns. 1. Fake Aqua Blue Diamond ring 2. White Marble ring (was a free gift whn I purchase ZA foundation when I was Uni year 1) 3. Gold plastic ring ( frm TeddyTales RM9.90 *hahaha) 4. Silver rose and glitter rose (both from Simma formally were for my Prom nite years ago) So they will be ALL appearing in my photoshoots and I'm glad I've got coz just a simple hand accesories can GLAM UP ALOT to your overall looks!
All together now!! Say "cheese~"


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