31th MAY 2008 OUR ROM!

5 more days to our ROM - Register Of Marriage! Yes! This Saturday 31-05-08, a day after Chenseng's birthday ^.^ We are going to have it @ Thien Hou Gong, KL. 9.15am.We did our documentation on 10/4/08(Thursday)...took leave for this *hihihi coz we have other RESEARCH to do later.

SO! What to bring for your ROM. Here's the list:
- Identity Card (original and photocopy - A4size, front+back) both bride n groom each 1copy
- Birth Cert (original and photocopy - A4size, front+back) both bride n groom each 1copy
- Passport size photo (both bride n groom, my advice: bring 2 copy)
- IC of Witness (from both bride n groom side - A4size, front+back) Family members are allowed.

These are the BASIC documentation you both need to bring if you are registering @ Thien Hou Gong...and of course money (kaching$$ kaching$$) RM99 is for Persatuan Hainan Selangor & W.P (Thien Hou Temple) - The Register Of Marriage; RM29 is for Syarikat Megah - Service charge.

I even got to 'copy' down the others Chinese ROM venue! Here goes people:
-Persatuan Hainan Selangor & W.P (Thien Hou Temple)
RM99 03-22747 7088
-Buddha MAha Vihara RM50 03-2274 1141
-Ka Yin Association RM70 03-2078 3041
-Chinese Assembly Hall RM90 03-2273 4008
-Chenpaka Buddhist Lodge (Xian Bai Jia) RM80 03-7880 3936
-Klang Hokkien Association RM106 03-3341 7772

That's as many as I can 'curi-curi' copied...hope it can give you more options for Chinese ROM =)

After we did our ROM documentations, paid everything, got our resit then we went around to RECCE the temple, coz on that day, Davelab is coming for my ROM shoot...^,^ Before this we check out the net, and found alot of chinese couple actually did their ROM @ Thien Hou Gong...and took quite alot of NICE pictures! Here's a sample of RobinNg's photography:

We both were AMAZED by how creative and talented Robin Ng is! The Colour, the location he spotted....So! me n chenseng did abit of photography and location recce ALSO....here goes:

Both of us spend almost 2 hours walking n running around under the HOT sun, just to get some good and interesting shoots for our ROM photoshoots! Hope Davelab can achieve what we want~~
On the 310508, Davelab is going to take our photography at Shangri La Hotel, Putrajaya, where chenseng propose to me (>.<) last year Xmas eve, 241207...hihihi
Well, I think i'll put my PROPOSAL STORY on another post, yah! This one focus on my ROM location research....more, MORE, more..after these...


  1. hi Kathy
    came across your blog when looking for wedding venues in Seremban. Am planning to get married in Jan next year, but don't know where coz my parents just moved to Seremban last year. So scouting around for interesting and unique venues.
    Anyways, your blog is very interesting and funny, esp the drama about finding your dress. Lucky your darling is so sweet and supportive! Glad you got a nice dress, and good luck for your ROM on Saturday!

  2. Hi Bluskyes,
    There are a few restaurant in seremban are quite nice in terms of food, parking and services.

    I choose MinKok coz I like the food and service thr ^.^v

    R u a chinese, bluskyes? coz thr's no status in ur profile..so I'm not sure.Well, if u r chinese, here are a few venue u can go to:
    -Hei Loi Tang, Lobak
    -Zhong Huah Yu Chi, Temiang
    -Hao Yun, S2

    Hope I didn't mistaken their company names...=p and hope my suggestion can bring u luck to sattle ur wedding dinner venue=)

    Good luck!

    Keep in touch with me through MSN: kathyfoo@hotmail.com

  3. hi kathy, read from ur blog, u did research of ROM in chinese assembly hall... how's the place? I nvr happen to see any pictures couple taken for ROM at there , so wondering if you have any idea which couples been there for ROM - need photo sharing... and the procedure too



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