Mermaid Dress: 5 Reasons To Consider It!

5 Reasons to consider a mermaid dress! #thingsweknowbest #iamabridewedding
We love this style! Checking through most of yours (and ours) ‘saved-pins’ or ‘Instagram-saved’ post or pictures, you'll realize most of the gowns or dresses are mostly in mermaid style. Now, people always say “Liking something on a model or on a hanger maybe a lot different than liking it once it’s on you!”

So, for this reason being,
trying on at least one of every silhouette can be helpful, including mermaid style! I know... Some experts or shop assistant might turn-down or ‘wipe away’ your ‘mermaid-dream’ with many reasons. But as for me… if mermaid dress is just what you want? Have courage! Does not matter what shapes or sizes you are in, there WILL BE a perfect mermaid dress for you! (At least, I have the confident to turn your ‘mermaid-dream-come-true’ :) Who knows you might be surprised what ends up stealing your heart!
Here are our 5 reasons for you to consider a mermaid dress #thingsweknowbest

#1. Contour Curves: Mermaid dress hugs your bodice from chest down, waist, up to your knee, or slightly below the knee, then the skirt begins to (dramatically) flare out down to the hem. Choosing this style means that you’ll have the opportunity to show off those fantastic curves! With the right cutting, mermaid dress helps create a great body fitted figure (beautiful ‘S’ or hourglass shape).

#2. Great for Petite Brides: The full skirts or ball gown can be very dreamy, but for most of us (Asian ladies *ahem), these rather big
silhouette can be overwhelming, especially on more petite size. Mermaids are great for smaller brides because the longer bodice adds length and accentuate body figure better. Visually gives your body silhouette fullness.

#3. Add Allure: Sparkles, blinks, bedazzle may caught your attention, but mermaids sometimes need less because the dramatic and fitted silhouette already is the interesting highlight by itself. It is a dramatic and stunning look that can be pair with many style of neckline, be it the modest sheer netting chest line or a sexy deep V. Or even look gorgeous with a statement back! 

#4. Modern Me
: Looking back through the old days (like from the history), lady's attire or the traditional wear are never 'sexy' - none are showing off too much curves, skin or body shape. So as fashion revolves, we can now accept more 'perfect fit' kind of styles like mermaid style. This is modern fashion, but can also be played down for a more classic look with laces or sleeves.

#5. Create Memories: Whenever we need to dress-up (as a bride or as a guest to an event or function), we want to feel confident! Like we actually made an impact
in front of our guests or friends. So, selecting a stunning gown/dress is very important. Mermaid dresses are always a fashion statement. (Try flashback all the iconic celebrity's 'Red Carpet' moments... Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lopez, Charlize Theron, Angelina Jolie etc just to name a few :)

I hope these 5 good reasons (out of many others) give a boost-up for you in searching for your perfect mermaid dress.

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