How to choose a Modern Cheongsam that suits me?

♥ Beautiful modern cheongsam with red sheer netting 'keyhole' bare-back and emerald green embellishments
#handsewn #custommade by I Am A Bride Wedding 
Cheongsam, a never out of trend, a 'forever stylish' attire for young or elderly ladies. And wearing a modern cheongsam nowadays is still very much a popular trend for brides on their wedding day, especially in Asia - Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, China, and destination brides or foreign ladies around the world!

Many brides still ask me for a modern bridal cheongsam for their wedding occasion, such as: Registration-Of-Marriage (ROM day), engagement pre-wed photoshoot, wedding dinner reception or even as the bride's wedding gown (instead of a western style)! Here I share with you the most frequent asked question about cheongsam: 'What type of cheongsam suits me?' 'How to choose a modern cheongsam for my occasion?' 'I'm not slim but can I wear a cheongsam?' 

Yes, of course you can wear a cheongsam even you are plus size! Cheongsam is best to customize because it needs to be fitted (in many areas) on our body. So as long as you can get good suggestions from an experienced dress maker with skills (*a-hum #lookwhostalking), then you can be the 'Oriental Queen' the 'Shanghai mood' you'd ever dream-off. Alright #dramaaside FAQ: What type of cheongsam suit me? Let me share with you some of my favorite basics cheongsam silhouette that I've always work out for brides. Then maybe you'll get a clearer picture of what suits you and which you like.

Cheongsam Silhouette
Traditionally cheongsam silhouette are in a straight down sheath full length with both side splits. But nowadays, with creative innovation styles and designs, they evolved into many different cheongsam silhouettes. I categorize them into mainly: full length, short, mermaid and modify with sweep train.

Traditional Full Length
♥ Elegant ivory white full length traditional halter sheer chest-line and illusion bare-back for our bride's wedding dinner reception and Chinese tea ceremony  
This sheath silhouette has a 'magical' effect that somehow can 'hide' the weakness of our not-so-perfect-body-figure and give a slimming effect! Since ancient, this silhouette basically can suit ANY body figure if it's custom made to your size.

Celebrities in full length cheongsam inspired red carpet gown *except the 3rd last picture of Kate's full length cheongsam with train... Shinny and sparkle GOLD cheongsam matches Hanna's and Taylor's :)
*Tips: #1 There is actually no correct length for a traditional full length cheongsam. Meaning you can option for a 'up-to-floor-length'/'cover-my-shoe' kind of length Or you can choose to 'show-off-my-shoe' or pedicure kind of length (an inch or two higher depends on your shoe height). 
#2 Traditional full length usually with both sides slits for easy walking/sitting. You can option for one side slit or no-slit, just be careful and be comfortable with your cheognsam's width.

Short Cheongsam

♥ Some of #iamabridewedding custom made short #cheongsam for #brides #bridesmaid #rom #bridessmom collections 
Suitable for casual, semi formal occasion such as gatherings, dinners, functions, party and most popular during Chinese New Year! As a bride, you can choose short length cheongsam for your ROM day, engagement pre-wedding photoshoot or even do a 'convertible' short become long (via versa) creative bridal cheongsam design to suit your personality! Short is a good length especially in asia tropical country like ours in Malaysia with hot humid weather.
Celebrities favor short cheongsams for their red carpet styles!
*Tips: #1 Choose a nice pair of heels or matching shoes to go with these short cheongsam to show-off or 'lengthen' your legs!

Mermaid Silhouette
The many different styles of 'evolved' mermaid silhouette for cheongsam 
In this decade of modern days, we ladies now wish to 'show-off' our curves a little, so designers modify a 'boring' traditional cheongsam silhouette with different styles of mermaid cutting. The right kind of mermaid silhouette will compliment your body figure best!
♥ Featuring just a few of our brides that favorites #iamabridewedding signature mermaid cheongsam. Customized with their own preferred choice of materials, finishing details and in perfect fit ♥  
Tips: #1 Strike the 'red-carpet pose' to flaunt your mermaid cheongsam or any mermaid dress. You can option to go for a one side slit for easy walking/sitting or simply show-off your sexy long legs! This will somehow 'add' a few inches 'taller' for you.

So ladies, hope I'd help a 'lil on understanding these basic cheongsam silhouette I've always work-on, as they are all-time favorite-able by my brides :) 

Which type YOU like the most? Share with me if you are planning to customize your own cheongsam. I would like to know because getting a custom made cheongsam can be for ANY special occasions. Chinese New Year is just round the corner. Are you ready with a cheongsam? #createyourdreamgown 

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