5 Things to know before you go Wedding Dress Shopping

1. Shop for your body
You may love all the pretty details on a wedding dress and be very particular on wether to go with sleeveless or off-shoulder or a sexy low bare back…etc. But when trying on dresses, try concentrate on finding the better silhouettes that will accentuate your body or which you feel comfortable with. Slightly step back from the mirror to see the overall shape and frame of your body. Choose a dress that will make you feel good and you can confidently stand or move around on your big day!

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2. Do your research
No idea what style you like? Gown hunting can be stressful if you are a indecisive bride. Before you step into a wedding shop, ask 'Mr Google' - he will give you hundreds and thousands of options with a simple 'Mermaid Wedding Gown'. It's worth the time to go through pictures or photos from the net rather than driving through the jam to reach the many bridal boutiques out there.

When selecting your reference pictures for your dress, don't worry too much on wether it suits you or not, or if you like picture A's top but picture B's bottom… Save them all! Let the professional tell you or explain to you with suggestions. Together we can work out the perfect dress for you!

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3. Limit your entourage
Sure, it's great you can show-off the dresses you try-on and have fun together with all your girlfriends, aunties, cousins…etc. But more people means more conflicting opinions. Rely on just one or two (the max!) honest and constructive person that you trust to accompany you.

In fact, it's wise to actually go solo shopping first, then bring in your thrusted person to help you make better decision.

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4. Be ready to buy
When there's SALES, keep calm and be 100% sure before you splurge. Buy dress that can be alter realistically to your size. Ask the seller wether they do alterations in-house. Don't take the risk If they out source the work to third party.

Bridal designers are responsible for their own creations. They can even give you professional ideas or inspirations to better improve or modify the dress to suit your liking!

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5. Don't get discouraged
Coming out empty-handed on your first trip can be a letdown, especially when the people you met is not giving you the right guidance and support. Gown browsing can be tiring and even more confusing. Don't give up!

Threat each visits a new experience to learn. Until you meet the right person/professional who can share with you more 'educative' informations or opinions to help you narrow down your thoughts or solve your problem. Try, and try again!

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