Custom Made Plus Size Wedding Gown

Gown style with Sheer Lace Appliques & See-thru Keyhole Bare Back

2014 #throwback our custom making bride - Shin Huey's wedding gown. Shin Huey got to know me from her cousin sister - Serene, where both home town is at Kota Bharu, Kelantan. But Shin Huey has been resided to Norway for work for many years. Shin Huey attended Serene's wedding last year... and yes, Serene's wedding gown and cheongsam were also custom made from #iamabridewedding :) Shin Huey went back to Norway but she contacted me quite soon after and plan to custom make her wedding gown and cheongsam with me too!

I got a destination phone call one day, and the other end was Shin Huey from Norway! She sound so excited and planned that she'll be coming back to Kuala Lumpur and schedule to meet up at my Publika Bridal Galleria @publika. Meanwhile, we communicated through FB and emails. She has no idea yet until we met...

Shin Huey came with her very happy aunt who's full with humorous jokes :) The whole discussion, sketching, deciding, material choosing, measurements.... was a joyful one that full with laughter! *yes, I remembered :) Her aunt kept reminding me to do 'magic' so the gown will make Shin Huey look slimmer. And probably with sleeves but not too conservative.

♥ Inspirational sample picture to Shin Huey on the kind of
unique chest-line design for her custom make wedding gown 
And so I show her a few sample pictures (that I did a lil bit of 'homework'/research before Shin Huey's meet-up) and suggested her the above unique chest-line, see-thru cap sleeves with patch laces and the gown silhouette. I suggested a more drippy kind of ivory white matte satin (instead of a full lace like the sample picture) for her gown design. So that it will give a better illusion of elongated her height vertically. I also suggested a light champagne self-tie ribbon waist sash, to accentuate her waist-line and a sparkly pearls and crystals brooch as a highlight to her custom make wedding gown!

♥ Shin Huey's Custom Make Wedding Gown with See-thru Capsleeves;
Unique sheer chest-line with patch laces appliques 
After our first (and also the last!) meet-up, Shin Huey went back to Norway and I'll need to courier the complete gown to her before her wedding day. So I guess I can consider her as my destination bride! Her wedding date was at July'14. So after a few months time and we keeping each other on the finishing details...etc, here's the final I did for Shin Huey's wedding gown!

♥ Simply love the See-thru bare-back with Keyhole design
and MORE patch laces appliques 
♥ Very unique chest-line design for Shin Huey's Custom Make Wdding Gown 
I'm so happy that the very unique chest-line design look so pretty on Shin Huey!

Oh, yes! A hidden secret was on Shin Huey's custom make wedding gown!
She requested to add a personal touch to her wedding gown with a simple embroidered design monogrammed that says 'P & SH' - 'Peter & Shin Huey' and her wedding date 'July 5, 2014'.
She asked whether I can do it? Well, I've tried embroidered laces and to embroider alphabets and numbers 'free-hand' is quite a challenge. But I did it! TA-DA~

 ♥ Peter, the groom found the 'hidden secret' - a siple embroidered monogrammed of their names
and wedding date from Shin Huey's wedding gown! 

♥ Close-up of my personalized embroidery monogrammed and wedding date
on Shin Huey's Custom Make Wedding Gown 
And so all is nicely done and ready to ship to Norway's Wedding!

Here Shin Huey's share with me her memorable day of her life - her Norway wedding day!

Handsome groom + Pretty bride
(beautiful bouquet + custom make veil) = 
♥ Lovely 

The Bride and bridesmaids getting ready!
Love the whole color theme~
Bridesmaid are looking awesome in their pastel yellow dresses with matching bouquets,
Flower girls are all doll-up so pretty and cute with the halos
and of course, the gorgeous Bride - Shin Huey!
All so sweet and lovely!

♥ Happy Bride 

Yes, not forgetting I did a pair of personalized wedding hangers for the wedding couple as well!
I manage to steal a snap shoot of Shin Huey's Bridal Hanger and her custom make wedding gown together! So pretty~!! I just love the whole see-thru sheer chest-line and keyhole bare-back!

I'm so happy and honored to have 'realized' Shin Huey's wedding gown! And yes, also her cheongsam that I will maybe 'showcase' after this :) Thank you Shin Huey for trusting me on all your custom making ♥ I'll continue working my best for my future brides to-be!

Share with me your dream wedding gown ideas and we might make it happen!
If you have any enquiry on custom making wedding gowns, evening dresses or bridal cheongsam,
email me! 

With love,


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