Custom Make Full Lace Wedding Bridal Cheongsam for Chicago Illinois Bride

See-thru Full Lace Cap Sleeves Illusion Neckline Champagne Cheongsam
with modified A-line; side split with beautiful lace scallop ♥
I got an email from Frances last October, inquiry on whether I can replicate and custom design a bridal cheongsam for her wedding. And she told me she's located in Chicago, Illinois US! Yeay, I'm so happy and excited~! Another international bride client. Happy because Frances trusted me and gave me the honor to custom make her cheongsam; excited because the design of her cheongsam is going to be so special~

Frances showed me the sample pictures of her desire cheongsam design. It's actually from a real bride named Gladys who had her cheongsam custom made by a famous design Barney Cheng, Hong Kong!
She had her wedding in Bali. Here I share with you the master piece of the designer's cheongsam. All photos by Samuel Lippke Studio's website credited.

Gladys's custom make cheongsam
Photography by Samuel Lippke Studios

Photography by Samuel Lippke Studios
Glagys's wedding in Bali
It's a full laces cap sleeves cheongsam with see-thru illusion chest-line and bare-back and beautiful patch flower details all over the cheongsam. After a few emails of discussion between Frances and me, she finally decided on the sketch design I proposed below:

Custom Make Cheongsam Sketch for Frances
 A soft full lace material layered over a champagne matte satin. Cap Sleeves in see-thru illusion chest-line and bare-back; A-line skirt with a side split and Chapel length train.

This is the full lace material and champagne matte satin I proposed to Frances for her custom make cheongsam design:
I'm glad I have the similar soft full lace material and patch laces
to try to replicate and achieve the designer's cheongsam ♥
After finalized the materials and design, it took me more than 2 months time complete Frances wedding cheongsam! Here are some close-up shoots I took before sending it - my 'precious' creation, off to FedEx and courier it (all my 'heart' work) to Chicago!

Buttons-up with satin wrapped buttonsss
♥ Love the patch laces at the see-thru illusional bare-back ♥
Mandarin high collar with patch laces and embellishments
♥ More lovely patch laces on the illusional chest-line ♥
I 'flow' the patch laces at both sides of the cheongsam to give a illusion of accentuate the waist-line
♥ More patch laces on the one-sided split to draw away the straight tangent ♥
Sew a matching lace scalloping for the cheongsam's train!
I'm so glad the cheongsam reach Chicago on-time and Frances was happy when she received it.
Here's what she emailed me when she first saw her custom make cheongsam mock pictures: "Wow! It looks so great, I am very happy!" And I'm very happy as well! Thank you for your kind words ♥
Congratulations, Frances! Even thought we both had never meet before face-to-face, but personally I'm thankful and honored that you've thrust me on custom making your wedding cheongsam across half the globe! Thanks to online internet - Google, Skype and Paypal!

To see more of the custom make cheongsam design I did for brides, locally or international/destination, check out my FaceBook FanPage
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