Bridal Bouquets (Wedding Photoshoot) for SALE!

Beautiful Tulip Bridal Wedding Bouquets with different arrangement designs and finishing details!
SALE SALE SALE! Yes, this Friday (23/8/13), I AM A BRIDE® will be running a bridal bouquet photo-shooting at our own studio! We will be preparing 6-7 beautiful real fresh flowers bouquets (All IMPORTED Flowers!) and all are nicely arrange and designed by I AM A BRIDE®. Why take all these trouble? From sourcing the best floral suppliers - ordering flowers - spend cost $$ *kaching! - put more than 100% effort on arranging and designing - decorating the bouquets - prepare photo shooting equipments - set-up the studio - spend more than 5 hours (estimation) to shoot...etc
Why? YES, *sneak-peak: Because we are goin to launch I AM A BRIDE® Wedding E-Shop!! *yeah! There will be more than just wedding gowns, shoes, accessories and bridal bouquets as well! Yes, it will be like "You see what you get; You get what you click!"
I'm all excited about it now!

So back to our wedding bridal bouquets. To all our bouquet creations in order not to put them to waste (after photo-shoot), we are planning to 'let go' with a very good price!

For a teaser, we post up photos of the real elements and similar bouquet designs that we are creating for the shoot tomorrow! It will be such a waste that all these beautiful bouquets don't have a 'owner' to be appreciated.... :)

Here goes:
Contrasting colors of 'sweet williams' to brighten up a bouquet....
Wonderful bouquet with mixture of 'Sweet Williams' finishing!
BBSW01 - MYR90 /USD28 (NP: MYR300 onwards)
*special price from 22/8 - 25/8/13 only
Fuchsia Pink Roses and Baby Breaths for our next bouquet creations...
Fuchsia Pink Roses, Eustoma and Baby Breaths Bouquet
BBPR01 - MYR90 /USD28 (NP: MYR280 onwards)
*special price from 22/8 - 25/8/13 only
Hot Pink Hydrangeas, Roses and others... imported from Holland!
Hot Pink Hydrangea Bouquet (imported from Holland!)
BBHD01 - MYR90 / USD28 (NP: MYR280 onwards)
*special price from 22/8 - 25/8/13 only
Ivory bouquet with Brooches!
BBBC01 - MYR150 / USD45 (NP: MYR380 onwards)
*special price from 22/8 - 25/8/13 only
Another sample of soft ivory bouquet with Brooches!
BBBC02 - MYR150 / USD45 (NP: MYR380 onwards)
*special price from 22/8 - 25/8/13 only
So, to all friends - who might want to purchase these beautiful bouquet as a gift to:
- the girl you want to propose!
- the newly wed couple
- parents of the newly wed
- bridesmaids
- birthday girl
- anniversary
- house warming / party
- to the special someone you admire or cherish
- any other special occasions...
- or to pamper yourself!
(well, just by looking at the pretty flowers, and to able to touch and smell them, they brighten my day!)

Please drop us a message/email inquiry on the bouquet that you wish to pre-book!

Pre-book start now until 25/8/13 only.
*Fresh imported flower bouquets can't stand Malaysia's weather heat!

We are going to do only one design each. So it will be: first-come-first-serve while stock last!

**Will update again during or after the photo-shoot!
Pre-book now with these attractive prices!!

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