Designer Wedding Gown Trending Chest Line 2014

Sexy deep 'V' neck line (almost until your waistline!) is TRENDING among all the bridal gown designers 2014. This time around is NOT just deep 'V', it's deep 'V' with a sheer or see-thru netting, sexy-ly covered with patch laces to create the 'peek-a-boo' style.
 Let see what I AM A BRIDE® has compiled from the many different designers, and hand pick some of the gown designs that are workable and suitable for your wedding day!

 Zuhair Murad
Check out the very beautiful placement or flow of the patch laces apply on the chest area of his wedding gown creations.
If you love lace, sheer and see-thru, go for it!

Just like how Jennifer lopez did!
Sexy mermaid full nude netting with patch laces all over!

Vera Wang
As we all know, Vera love to put a sense of black in all her creations.
This time around still with black but sheer black laces!!
Check out the bust area and another design of a black sheer full lace!
If you are the kind of bride who likes to be out-standing, this design concept is daring!
Well, some maybe think black and white is too contrast, you can op for other color combinations like: black and champagne, black and dusty pink, maroon and ivory white, black and red... etc

Deep 'V' neck line or 'sweet-heart' creates a fuller chest line!

Pnina Tronai
 Pnina Tronai gown is famous for its 'outrageous' design with lots of gigantic diamonds and crystals!
Same goes with the 2014 collections with 'crazy' amount of blings, but in terms of design, check out their chest line - it's a very deep 'V' neck line in sweet-heart shape.

 OMG~ Their gown collections are all so 'generous' with the amount of BLINGS all over!!
My advise: the correct amount of blings and sparkles will enhance glamorous , if too much, it will do the opposite.

Ahhh.... Such an eyefull of pretty pictures!
(*will continue the other designers in our next post.)
Now IDEAS and visuals start filling up your mind isn't it?
You don't have to just envy the models walking the runway on those amazing designers wedding gowns anymore! Instead, you can now envision yourself (or in other words you can OWN those wedding gown now!)

Let I AM A BRIDE® 'transform' all your ideas into REALITY!
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