Post Covarege: FairyTale Wedding Workshop 2013

To all the FairyTale Wedding Workshop participants (brides, grooms, friends and family), thank you for making our wedding workshop a great and successful one!

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So you must be curious about what 'Open Face' means in our previous workshop.
Here, we share some interesting EXTRA content and let us know if you have any question or enquiry!

'Open Face' = Face Threading

It’s an age old pre-wedding ritual/tradition. Normally done by mother of the bride one night before wedding day. To mark her daughter is entering adulthood & going to be married to another home. Therefore she must look the best & pretty

We also explained: Face Tweeze vs Wax vs Thread
Choose the right treatment based on your skin conditions.

Benefit of Face Threading:
• Clean up unnecessary facial hair
• Skin looks smooth, clean and radiant
• Easy to apply make up
• Promotes the absorption of essence from skin care products
• Minimizes the growth of fine lines
• Stimulates blood circulation and regeneration of skin cells
• Safe and 100% natural, does not contain any chemicals or preservatives
Consultation to understand:
Time the hair regrowth period perfectly before wedding
• Discuss advice on treatments available + timeline to wedding day
• Treatment + Homecare for Brides and Grooms under package –
   Facial, Massage, Scrub, Wax, Nail + Phytocare
• 1 or 2 times before actual wedding day (depends on skin's condition) will not have any long term harmful effect

Special Tips for Decleor Homecare:
• 3 basic steps – Cleanse Tone Moisturise
• 1x scrub / week
• 1x masque / week
Application method:
• Cleanser *Make Up Remover
• Toner
• Serum (Aromessence)
• Eye Cream
• Moisturizer
• Scrub
• Masque

These are just some of the content during our FairyTale Wedding Workshop 2013 specially brought to you by Jennifer Lim, Founder of Reffinej Wellness Beauty and Spa.

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