I AM A BRIDE® goes International!

Yes, I AM A BRIDE® accept custom orders world wide and internationally!
With the very secure and easy payment method from PayPal,
it makes every deal instant and effective.

So for you brides out there (where ever you are =),
get yourself a PayPal account and
start shopping with I AM A BRIDE®

Some of I AM A BRIDE®'s Real Brides all over the world!
"Hi Kathy, got the dresses (wedding gown & mom-in-law's dress) and
all (the red Peonies embroideries veil & the Chinese red knots),
tried on already and fits perfect, thanks so much !"
- Alicia Marcos (Jun 2012) Alicante, Spain
"Hi Kathy, I received the dress. I love it! Thank you."
- Jessy Yam (Sept, 2012) Brooklyn, New York
"Thank you Kathy, for 'rushing-out' this custom make full lace cheongsam
within a month time!"
- Patricia Lim (Oct 2012) New York City, US
"Hi Kathy, thought to share the link to some photos from the wedding..
I've mentioned your name :) "

"With the help of Iam A Bride, we designed this beautiful cheongsam,
and with the help of Louis Pang, he helped us show it off!
" — with Iam A Bride.
- Vanesa Cini (Nov, 2012) Sabah/Queensland, Australia

Thank you so much for all your support and trust. I AM A BRIDE® felt very honor to be in an important part for your wedding *^.^* We'll continue to serve our very best!


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